Themistors/Probes can be completely customized.

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Negative-temperature-coefficient (NTC) Series CS Thermistors and Series CP Probes offer almost unlimited options in materials, configurations, connections, lead types, and lengths. Thermistors are available in point matched or interchangeable tolerances of ±0.10-1.00°C and ±1-10° %. Resistance values at 25°C can be specified from 300 Ohms to 1 Megohm. Probes feature standard tolerances from ±0.5-1.00°C and ±1-10° % and are offered in all resistance-temperature curved materials.

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Selco Products Company Introduces Custom Thermistors and Probes Featuring Turn-Key Ready Products to Meet Unique Applications Requirements

ANAHEIM, Calif. - April 23, 2003 - In response to high market demand for products that meet specialized application requirements, Selco Products Company has introduced the customizable CS Series Thermistors and CP Series Probes. These negative (NTC) temperature coefficient thermistors and probes can be modified from Selco's standard thermistor product line or completely custom designed. With virtually unlimited options in materials, configurations, connections, lead types and lengths, these versatile packaging options provide labor savings cost economies and value-added convenience for OEM manufacturers.

Examples of unique customization include adhesive backing for mounting to temperature sensitive PCB components, containment of the thermistor within a stainless steel tube housing, and ring terminal connections.

"Working from the OEM's drawing and specifications, Selco can produce the most specialized product that allows easy incorporation into the end-product," said James Reed, Director of Operations for Selco Products. "OEMs looking for special thermistor/probe packaging requirements can request virtually any configuration and obtain a turn-key product that saves labor costs and speeds product time to market. We are continually surprised by the versatile packaging configurations for special mounting that OEMs request and are pleased to fulfill these unique requirements."

The new CS Series Thermistors are available in point matched or interchangeable tolerances of ±0.10°C, ±0.20°C, ±0.25°C, ±0.50°C, ±1.00°C, ±1°%, ±2°%, ±3°%, ±5°%, and ±10°%. Resistance values at 25°C can be specified from 300ohms to 1MEG Ohms. Lead customization allows for selection of lengths, AWG, and lead diameter in materials of tinned copper, nickel, tinned alloy 180, red Teflon alloy 180, and Ag/Cu twisted Kynar, including any other wire insulation options available on the market. Chip coatings can be manufactured uncoated or with epoxy or phenolic.

The Custom CP Series Thermistor Probes feature standard tolerances of ±0.5°C, ±0.10°C, ±0.20°C, ±0.25°C, ±1.00°C, ±1°%, ±2°%, ±3°%, ±5°%, and ±10°% and are available in all resistance-temperature curve materials. The probes may be intermittently cycled at temperatures from -50°C to 150°C. Optimum stability is achieved when stored at temperatures below 50°C and operated continuously in temperatures below 100°C.

Selco's custom NTC Thermistors and Probes are well suited for a wide range of applications including commercial and home appliances, telecommunications, computers and peripherals, medical, military, aerospace, life sciences, automotive, industrial, scientific, instrumentation and control, power supplies, lighting, alarms, building environment management, and control of liquid and air levels and flow rates. Pricing ranges from $0.50 to $10.00 each with lead times from 4 - 5 weeks for initial deliveries.

For further information on the entire line of Selco thermostats, thermistors, electronic controls, knobs, and digital and analog meters, contact Selco Products Company, 605 South East Street, Anaheim, Calif., 92805-4842; Toll-Free: (800) 229-2332; E-mail:; Web site:

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