The Revolution in Linear Technology

Introducing the RP+ Linear System from WITTENSTEIN

Raising the level of application design and performance, the compact and highly dynamic RP+ drive solution is set to revolutionize linear motion. Inspired by market demand for a modular, standardized rack and pinion system capable of transferring higher maximum feeding forces, WITTENSTEIN has partnered the best in alpha mechanical expertise with superior engineering competencies to provide a reliable and high performing linear system for your design.

The combination of gearbox, pinion and rack represents intelligent integration of specifically developed drive components. The rack assembly of the RP+ is the alpha high performance rack which is characterized by high precision and optimal power transmission. Utilizing this rack results in a quiet-running solution which is weight- and noise-optimized. The gearbox and pinion components of the RP+ system are unique to the design, significantly increasing allowable torques. The high forces produced by the meshing of rack and pinion teeth are controlled more effectively, improving system rigidity and positioning accuracy.

Compared to other systems, the RP+ possesses superior positioning accuracy, system rigidity, power density and feeding force.

Rely on WITTENSTEIN to help you design your system with cymex®, the industry's only servo sizing software for mechanical optimization. With this software, selection of the best components is just a click away. The result of cymex® optimization is controllable drive technology in the form of an optimal gearhead, pinion and rack combination matched to your particular motor.

WITTENSTEIN is committed to being a world-class partner for customers of its intelligent mechatronic drive technology, servo systems and mechanical components. By using the power of science, innovation and forward thinking engineering, the Company strives to provide cutting-edge technology for today's motion.

Photo: The latest in linear technology is WITTENSTEIN's RP+ System

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