The Quick Delivery DBOY Control Valve

Leslie Controls is pleased to announce that the DBOY control valve line in sizes 2" to 8" and 125#-300# ANSI Class ratings, is available as Quick Delivery. Under the Quick Delivery System, we have boosted our inventory to allow the complete valve assembly to ship within 1 week from the moment we receive the order. The Quick Delivery DBOY provides the solution to your emergency situation and is a great asset in the planning for short term outages.

The quality of the DBOY control valve is well established in Power Plants, District Energy HVAC Plants, Hospitals, Universities and any other facility using steam processes. The DBOY line is capable of large flows with Cv's up to 435, allowing it to replace larger caliber valves. It can be customized and configured to meet the application's demand by utilizing Cage Guided Trims that provide extra strength and rigidity to the valve. Balanced Trims are also available, which allow the assembly to use smaller actuators and increase the internal gasket life. The final result is the reduction of initial and maintenance costs.

The Leslie Controls is a manufacturer of control valves, regulators and heaters for the Commercial, Industrial, Process and Maritime markets. For more information please contact Amy Hill-Spranger, Marketing Coordinator at or go to

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