The OYSTAR USA Process Division Offers The Full Range Of OYSTAR Hüttlin High-Shear Mixer Granulators

Fairfield, NJ - The OYSTAR USA Process Division, which is responsible for all sales, service and support in North America for OYSTAR Manesty and OYSTAR Hüttlin pharmaceutical processing equipment, offers the full range of OYSTAR Hüttlin High-Shear Mixer Granulators for maximum efficiency mixing, granulating and drying.

With container volumes ranging from 1.6 liters to 1800 liters, the High-Shear Mixer Granulators employ the EKATO - Gentlewing® technology to ensure thorough, high speed mixing, while preventing product adhesions to maximize output.

Complete and efficient product mixing is ensured through the top driven Gentlewing that penetrates "dead zones" that other mixers might miss. High quality granulating is provided through controlled mixing and a large granulating surface. Quick drying is achieved through high internal heat transfer, even on the lowest power input.

Additional advantages include:
o Shaft seals outside the product
o Short transfer time to fluid bed or container
o Improved single pot technology with no tilting required

OYSTAR USA offers customers a complete support service hotline that can be reached easily by calling toll-free 888-868-9031.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division offers processing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry through OYSTAR Manesty Tablet Presses and Coaters and OYSTAR Hüttlin Granulation and Fluid Bed Systems. In addition to the Process Division, OYSTAR USA is comprised of a Pharmaceutical Packaging Division and a Food Packaging Division. Germany-based OYSTAR is a group of companies dedicated to the processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, and food industries.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division is based in Fairfield, NJ. For more information please call 973-227-5575 or visit the web site at

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