The New Basic TEB/LEB Digital Proportional Valve from Atos

New Basic TEB/LEB digital proportionals - the Best ever Atos product!

Atos is proud to be the first worldwide electrohydraulic company presenting a new range of high performances digital proportionals with same prices of analog models. The software setting of scale, bias, linearization and dynamic response allows to customize the valve's behavior, thus increasing the electrohydraulic system performances.

New TEB/LEB samplings will be available from December '14 and high quantity serial supplies from March '15.

Main features, as shown in MS33 5leaflet:

• integral driver with white zinc protection coating

• competitive prices and free software downloadfor "all purpose" applications

• rugged design to withstand high vibrations and shocks, up to 50g

• analog reference signal ±10 V or 4-20 mA, software selectable

• temperature range -40°C ÷ +60°C

• IP66/67 water-proof protection

New TES/LES series 50 - finally in serial production!

Atos confirm the official entry in serial production of the whole range of the new Full TES/LES digital proportionals in series 50, specifically dedicated to the fieldbus connected electrohydraulics systems and to the alternated force/flow applications. Now available in large quantities for serial supplies, 4 weeks standard, 6 weeks for S*options (force/flow alternated controls).

Only exception for DPZO-TES and QV(H/K)ZO-TES, just available for samplings.

New TEZ/LEZ with integral axis controller - samplings available

They are available for samplings and we forecast to release the serial supplies within the end of this year, after the positive conclusion of the running field tests.

New catalog on-line

The full range of new digital proportionals, summarized in the MS335 leaflet, is now

available also in the new edition of Atos catalog on-line:

•  Proportionals- now divided into 3 sections pressure flow - directional - cartridges to

permit an easy valve identification and selection

•  Directionals proportionals are now divided in three families: servo proportionals, high

performances proportionals, proportionals

•  New tech tables FS*apply to new digital proportionals serie 50

•  Previous tech tables F*will remain available for analog T, TE and previous series

TES digital proportionals

•  AZC digital servoactuators for closed loop position/force controls (tech. table GS700)

showing the complete model code with relevant options. The application of these high

tech components is always submitted to evaluation by Atos tech dept.

•  Ex-proof, safety and stainless steel valves have been separated from other on-off

directional controls to give a better evidence of these specific components

•  Supplementary components tech tables are now listed at the end of each catalog

section. This offers a better and immediate visibility for supplementary components

integrating Atos standard range for specific applications

•  New sections have been added:

L: standard customized powerpacks, electrohydraulics systems, accessories

S: spare parts, only for cylinders at present

Updated SWK-14 Electrohydraulics Designer

The new SWK 5.0 software will be released in auto-updating within the end of October including the new range of digital proportionals and additional graphic improvements. We take the occasion to remind you that SWK can be downloaded for free by a simple registration procedure from Atos website.

New DHE / DKE with UL certified solenoids - now in series supply

DHE and DKE series 20 with UL certified solenids (cURus) are now finally introduced in the serial production fully replacing the current series 10. We remind you that the new DC coils will be provided with zinc-nickel plating on coils granting a corrosion resistance of at least 200 h in salt fog test. Optional connectors AMP (XJ), Deutsch (XK) and lead wires (XS), typically used in mobile machines, are now available with standard deliveries terms.

Availability:  from October 20th all orders will be automatically processed with new series 20 List price: unchanged respect current series

We take this occasion to inform you that DHER and DKER valves (with UL certified solenoids) are phased-out but they will remain available at the same price of DHE/DKE until the complete sell-out of the current consistent stock.

New DHZE & DKZE- now in series supply

Proportional directional valves DHZE and DKZE are now ready for series supply. This new cost effective line provides excellent performances at competitive prices and it is equipped with  cURus threaded solenoids having the same corrosion protection characteristics and optional mobile connectors as DHE/DKE series 20.

They are the ideal product to challenge tough mobile and plastic markets.

Availability:  DHZE: running; DKZE: prototypes running, series from December 2014

List price: 2014 Price List

BA mounting subplates

From 2015, the BA single and modular subplates will be no more supplied together with the valve's fastening bolts.

Vice versa the set of valve fastening bolts for each single subplate or valve model will be available on Atos Price List 2015.

For distributors stock orders, competitive price list for quantity kits will be available

Documentation:  tech table K280-19available at Atos on-line catalog

New Ex-proof certifications

Atos range of ex-proof valves has been enriched with the addition of MAChinese mining certification, available for directional valves DHA, DKA and DPHA (see tech table E121), and PESOIndian certification (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization), valid for all Atos valves currently ATEX certified

List price:  MAcertification will be included in 2015 price list

PESO certification - see ATEX valves' list prices

New E-MI-AC plug-in analog drivers, series 21

The E-MI-AC series 21 provides a little modification of the external housing to match the solenoid interface of new open loop proportional directional valves DHZE-A and DKZE-A, avoiding the mechanical interferences present with the previous housing of the E-MI-AC series 20.

New series 21 of E-MI-AC is electrically & functionally interchangeable with previous series 20, since the electronics remains unchanged.

Availability:  The series 21 is now available on request and it will be introduced in serial supply once the actual stock of about 1000 pcs series 20 will be run out.

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