The Israel National Police Awards ALPR Systems Contract to INEX/ZAMIR

INEX/ZAMIR is world's foremost leader in turnkey Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems solutions, ideally suited to meet Israeli National Police needs.

JERUSALEM – INEX/ZAMIR, the world's foremost leader in turnkey Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems solutions, is pleased to announce the Israeli National Police has awarded to INEX/ZAMIR its coveted ALPR Systems Project contract to be the exclusive supplier of all fixed and mobile ALPR systems solutions in support of the police department's ongoing security operations.

The contract award, having entered a legal contest phase, comes at the end of a year-long, rigorous and thorough competition that drew participation from some of the world's most revered brand names in the electronic security and surveillance industries, including Motorola, 3M (PIPS), CitySync, and Elsag.

Under this contract, INEX/ZAMIR is tasked to deliver all fixed installation equipment and software for ALPR coverage and surveillance at strategic checkpoints and border crossings throughout Israel. Fixed systems equipment and software consists of digital dual-camera imagers with built-in illumination, system processors with INEX/ZAMIR's world-renowned InSignia ALPR engine software, and back office data services that will provide individual police units and the police central command with real-time access to actionable alerts and other relevant, time-sensitive information. INEX/ZAMIR is also tasked to supply all mobile ALPR systems that include vehicle mounted dual-camera imagers with built-in illumination, in-vehicle processing and data interaction.

With more than 20 years of invaluable experience in the ALPR industry, INEX/ZAMIR recognizes the value and importance of providing solutions with superior accuracy and unparalleled dependability. Securing the Israel National Police contract represents our continued resolve to bring to market the very best in innovative, field-proven ALPR solutions.

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INEX/ZAMIR, a well-known provider of world-class ALPR technology solutions, is a privately owned group founded in 1993 as Zamir Recognition Systems, Ltd., and merged with INEX Technologies, LLC in 2006, with business and manufacturing offices in Knoxville, TN, Jerusalem, Israel, and a satellite sales office in Graz, Austria. INEX/ZAMIR provides a complete range of fully integrated automatic license plate recognition products designed for global marketplaces in law enforcement, parking management, and tolling, with a particular focus on commercial and government security. The INEX/ZAMIR solution provides guaranteed license plate capture "any plate, any speed, any time of the day" using a single source approach incorporating the industry's best imagers, processors, software and deployment applications, all developed in-house by INEX/ZAMIR. For more than 20 years, INEX/ZAMIR has continued to perfect the capture of license plate information creating a single system solution that reads license plates in real time, for real-world applications. For additional information, please visit


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