The HARDI Group Releases More Than 10 New Products to the Professional Farmer

At one of the largest indoor farm exhibitions in the world, SIMA, Paris, HARDI presents more than 10 new products at a 700 m² large exhibition stand on February 20, 2011.

Two new self-propelled sprayers:

SARITOR 5000 - World Premiere

In Roman mythology, SARITOR is the god of hoeing and clearing weeds in the fields, but SARITOR is also the name of HARDI's new product offer for the large farms looking for a state-of-art self-propelled sprayer. This brand new product is headed towards the broad acre markets in Australia, North America and CIS.

The SARITOR 5000 features high speed spraying and transport speed up to 50 km/h, 275 HP Cummins engine, 5,000 litre tank capacity, up to 42 m TERRA FORCE boom, air suspension and 3 to 4 m VariTrack on-the-go track width.

Last but not least, the new SARITOR gives loads of comfort and full control of all functions from the cab via the right hand operated SprayCentre console. The wide body cab has two seats, automatic climate control and panoramic view. The full control of the vehicle and the application are optimised by the brand new HC 9500 12.4'' touch screen ISOBUS controller.

Please get more experience and information at the HARDI SIMA stand and the world premiere on February 20, 2011.

ALPHA evo - "Ergonomy - Visibility - Optimisation"

For the high-input farming markets in Europe, CIS and heavy soil areas in other parts of the world, HARDI now launches the ALPHA evo.

This self-propelled sprayer is the third generation ALPHA sprayers featuring a new large and spacious EvoCab, automatic climate control, right hand operated ergonomic SprayCenter console and the HC 9500 12.4'' touch screen ISOBUS controller.

An extreme low sound level in the EvoCab is giving the sprayer pilot an optimisation of his and the machine's performance during long working days and nights. "The 3 pillar design" provides a new standard for visibility close to 360 degrees around the sprayer.

ALPHA evo has tank sizes up to 4,100 litres, six cylinder Deutz engine, Tur-boFiller, a number of boom alternatives including the 24-36 m TWIN air-assisted boom range.

Please get more experience and information at the HARDI SIMA stand and the world premiere on February 20, 2011.

Take Full Control - ISOBUS

ISOBUS full package for COMMANDER i trailed sprayer.

After SIMA, the customer can order an intelligent HARDI sprayer and use the intelligent functions like AutoWash and PrimeFlow direct from his own ISOBUS terminal.

This makes complex sprayer operation easier, via the tractor ISOBUS terminal and the proven HARDI GRIP, so all primary spray functions, such as on/off and section switches as well as the hydraulic operation can easily and safely take place by means of a joystick.

Existing COMMANDER i sprayers can be updated to an ISOBUS sprayer. That is also possible for sprayers which will now be ordered with the HARDI CONTROL-LER 6500. The customer can order the "ISOBUS bridge", so his tractor's ISO-BUS terminal can communicate with the HARDI JobCom board computer.

On top of these product releases, the HARDI Group will launch a number of other new products within the trailed and lift mounted range as well as a MINIDRIFT DUO nozzle concept.

Primarily, intended for the large French market place, HARDI EVRARD at SIMA will release a number of new products within self-propelled and trailed sprayers.

Please get more experience and information at the HARDI SIMA stand in hall 6 on February 20, 2011.


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