The Benefits of Quality Swiss Screw Machining offered by Crescent Industries

Crescent Industries, in New Freedom. Pa., offers quality Screw Machining Services Life often gives second chances. Parachutists pull a ripcord and, if the parachute fails, there's another to rely on. Most vehicles have emergency brakes. Should the main brake fail, the emergency brakes offer a second chance.

Professionals in the medical, defense, safety and aerospace industries don't have that luxury. In their professions they must get it right the first time. There are no safety nets and no second chances. Products must be right the first time that serve these industries who cannot afford a second chance.

Create Components Which Work in Harmony

Products using Swiss screw machined components often undergo stressful and repetitive use. Tight tolerances and high surface finishes ensure a fit and connection in all types of equipment that is reliable in high-use circumstances.

Medical devices, human implants, surgical tools all require components that interact properly, complement each other and work together in harmony. The risk of failure of any one component creates the risk of failure for an entire device. Getting all pieces to work as a unit is the key to success for the equipment user and those whose lives, professions and reputations depend on accuracy and dependability.

Guides Precision and Perfection in the Maker

Though we can't speak for all Swiss screw machining companies, our Swiss screw machining process is geared toward the pursuit of perfection.

Our niche is tight tolerance/high surface finish Swiss screw machined components. We have experience in exotic materials and can do runs from low to high volume.

Strict guidelines are our daily practice because each production piece carries our reputation for quality and consistency.

Time Honored Tradition Based on Quality

Swiss screw machining follows a long and honored tradition. From surgical equipment to the latest in technology, our products provide a small, but integral, part of our customer's needs.

It's the critical need for quality and assurance that has driven the changes in Swiss screw machining and it has grown leaps and bounds since its inception a century ago. Originally conceived by Swiss watchmakers to compete with their American counterparts, our technology demands have incorporated the techniques into multiple fields of use. A quality timepiece once depended on exact screw tolerances, now...lives depend on them.

More information on our process of CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling is available at our website. Information is also available on our range of value-added services which enhance our products. Our production staff and facilities work in harmony to always make certain our products live up to your standards -- the first time and every time. Visit, or contact us at 1-800-411-3844 or

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