The Basic Belt Conveyor by Montech AG

The Basic belt conveyor by Montech AG delivers all key functions without expensive accessories

If you are looking for a belt conveyor without control for simple applications, the Basic model by Montech is the right solution. The Basic belt conveyors deliver all essential functions without expensive accessories. The conveyor can run at five different speeds and, optionally, it is available in single- and dual-belt versions. The Basic conveyors are available with drives installed at the end or in the middle, and frame widths between 45 and 800 mm; they can carry loads up to 40 kg.

"With the Basic belt conveyor, we have developed a solution that offers the standard Montech quality at an unbeatable price," said Gianluca Aloisi, Manager Conveyors & Automation at Montech. The Basic belt conveyors are deployed as feeding and discharge belts on production plants or to link different manufacturing lines.

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Montech AG

Montech AG markets basic modular components that automate demanding production and logistics processes. In addition to conventional conveyor belts, automation components and the Quick-Set profile system, the range of products also includes the Montrac transport system. Montrac is an intelligent transport system for networking industrial production and logistics processes. Founded in 1963, the company is based in Switzerland and stands for innovation in the automation industry.

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