The Auto-Lock(TM) Family Grows Bigger

We've recently introduced the Auto-Lock™ in colors, vibrant red, green, and blue!

Now this time, we're bringing in the Auto-Lock™ with angles! Not only can you color code your devices, but you can also organize even better with these angled jumper cords.

The Auto-Lock™ now comes in several angled cord configurations, shown in the tables below.

C13 Auto-Lock™
The first configuration in the standard IEC C14 to IEC C13 Auto-Lock™ jumper cable. You can choose between 10 Amps to 15 Amps depending on the amount of power you need. These Auto-Lock™ cords are mailing used in network applications such as servers and PDU's. 

Angles Series
Up 6280 AL
Down 4929 AL
Left 5244 AL
Right 3514 AL

C15 Auto-Lock™
For applications with higher temperature ratings, we offer configurations for the IEC C15 cords.

Angles Series
Up 4950 AL
Down 4942 AL

C19 Auto-Lock™
If you need more power, the IEC C20 to IEC C19 Auto-Lock™ heavy duty jumper cable comes in a wire offering 20 Amps of power! These jumper cords are used for high voltage servers and UPS's.

Angles Series
Up 5287 AL
Down 5368 AL
Left 5130 AL
Right 5299 AL

The Auto-Lock™ family is growing bigger and solving all of your accidental problems! On top of that, now with angles, they can be a huge asset for all your clustered devices!

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