The Alltec Protection Pyramid(TM): Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and Grounding Systems

The Alltec Protection Pyramid(TM) provides a three-step comprehensive facility approach for lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding solutions. Our system begins with the installation of a code compliant, single-point, low resistance/impedance grounding system, sized to carry the full amplitude of a short circuit current safely to the ground. Next, surge protection devices are staged to dramatically filter the voltage, current, and frequency surges. Finally, a well designed lightning protection system is created to protect against direct lightning strikes. Details are listed below.

I. Grounding Systems. The three-step Alltec Protection Pyramid(TM) begins with the installation of a stable, low resistance and low impedance grounding system to bond all electrically conductive surfaces together. Redirect lightning energy safely to earth and away from power, telephone lines or data equipment with the following applications:

- TerraDyne®

- TerraFill®

- TerraBar®

- TerraWeld®

II. Surge Suppression. The second stage of protection comes from properly installed surge protection devices or SPD system, which reduces the magnitude of random, high energy, short duration electrical power anomalies. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (such as lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and more internally generated over-voltages. In response to this demand, Alltec offers

- PowerTrip® line of SPD products

III. Lightning Protection. Finally, a well-designed customized lightning protection system will be installed to safeguard facilities from direct lightning strikes. Traditional lightning protection methods as well as some of the most advanced technologies are available at Alltec Corporation:

- TerraStat® Charge Dissipation Terminals

- TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission Terminals

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