Thank-Metal Specifies APTIV Film for a New Line High Performance Pressure Sensitive Tapes

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, USA - Thank-Metal Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of precision machines and metal processing components for various types of batteries, has specified APTIV(TM) film in their new line of Tough Tape(TM) high performance pressure sensitive tape that is targeted for protective tabs used in cylinder lithium batteries.

The Tough Tape high performance pressure sensitive tape has an excellent range of properties that surpasses polyimide, PEI and PTFE tapes. When compared to polyimide and PEI backed tapes, it offers improved chemical resistance, better tear strength, lower moisture absorption, better tear strength, lower moisture absorption, and improved barrier properties. When compared to PTFE backed tapes, pressure sensitive tapes made from APTIV film, offer superior mechanical properties, improved abrasion resistance, higher dielectric strength, lower smoke and toxicity release, lower permeability and lower specific gravity.

"The battery industry is seeking tape products with excellent strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance that could be used in insulation applications," said Mr. Kobayashi, Manager of New Business Development at Thank-Metal. "With the superior mechanical properties of Tough Tape, we are pleased to support this new application area and we are well prepared to meet increasing customer demand now and in the future."

Tough Tape, made with APTIV film, can be adhered to many different hard mating surfaces such as steel, ceramic or glass. The tapes are available in 25µm backing thickness and in a range of widths depending on customers' needs.

"APTIV film, made from VICTREX® PEEK(TM) polymer, has the best combination of friction and wear properties combined with high heat resistance, chemical and radiation resistance, purity and electric insulation," says Toshio Ohnuma, APTIV Film Manager, Japan. "In addition, the tape is hydrolytically stable with very low absorption and permeability and thus is an ideal material as a base ingredient for high performance pressure sensitive tapes. Able to withstand the higher processing temperatures required when using lead-free solder, APTIV film is an excellent choice for use as a masking material in electrical applications."

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