TF700 Instant Traction increases slip resistance.

Press Release Summary:

Suitable for vinyl tile, sheet, terrazzo, marble, quarry, and stone flooring types, TF700 Instant Traction Floor Protectant ensures walker safety and increases slip resistance nearly 0.1 SCOF per application. Product is ideal in restaurents, food courts, restrooms and on stairways.

Original Press Release:

Fast Acting TF700 Helps Keep Floors Safe

Floors can get slippery when it’s nasty outside. Applying Avmor's new TF700 Instant Traction is quick and easy and helps ensure walker safety no matter what the weather. Tests show TF700 increases slip resistance approximately 0.1 SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) per application.

Use TF700 on all types of flooring, from vinyl tile, sheet, terrazzo, to marble, quarry, and stone. Perfect for use in restaurants, food courts, restrooms, and on stairways, helping to make sure they are slip resistant and safe to walk on.

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