Testing/Verification Software suits FTTP and FTTN sites.

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NANA(TM) (Near-end Automatic Network Authenticator) tests and verifies that fiber network is connected to prem site and data is flowing in both directions. Able to accomplish all testing in minutes, software makes sure network connections are being made and configuration is correct. All data is logged and analyzed for errors and automatically uploaded to control center for detailed analysis. Program features graphics, buttons, text, and context sensitive help.

Original Press Release:

Quest Introduces NANA(TM) Software for Quick Testing and Verification at all FTTP & FTTN Sites

Palmetto, Florida - Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new leading edge software program called NANA(TM), Near-end Automatic Network Authenticator, for FTTP and FTTN applications. Installation technicians use NANA(TM) at a customer site to quickly, efficiently, and accurately test and verify that the fiber network is connected to the prem site and data is flowing in both directions. NANA(TM) is simple to use and all testing can be done in a few minutes.

"As telecom and cable companies rush to place fiber all the way to home or business, or nearby in a node, their technicians need a fast and accurate tool to ensure their network connections are being made and the customer configuration is correct," states Ed Goggin, President of Quest Controls. "NANA(TM) is a valuable tool that makes their visits to the prem and node sites quick and productive, and gets their customer up and running right the first time. In addition, Quest works with its customers to analyze the exact testing requirements of the fiber network. This enables customization of NANA(TM) to precisely fit the network profile."

By connecting a technician's laptop to the premise entry point and the customer's PC, you can initiate tests designed to flush out wiring problems, termination problems, authentication problems, collision problems, internal network problems with your access concentrators, routers and other servers, and other configuration issues. In addition, once the Network and Customer PC sides have been individually verified, NANA(TM) will start passing data from the Customer PC to the internal network and vice versa. All this data will be logged and analyzed for errors and will be automatically uploaded to a control center for more detailed analysis. NANA(TM) uses an intelligent mixture of easy-to-use graphics, buttons, self-explanatory text, and context sensitive help screens to enable a technician to navigate through a trouble call in as few steps as possible.

Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of remote surveillance products that provide monitoring, control, and test solutions for the telecommunications and cable industries. These products provide alarm performance, monitoring, control, and test of a telecommunication facility's critical operating and telephony equipment to maintain and ensure each facility's smooth and continuous operation.

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