Testing Software checks product behavior using CAD models.

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Lumeo Motion 2.0 for heavy equipment and automotive industries allows mechanical engineers to use 3D CAD models to test product behavior early in development process, reducing time and costs. It has life-like simulation capabilities, duplicates look and feel of company's existing 3D CAD software, and can run on any desktop PC, without CAD software. It allows users to operate product interactively just as they would with real prototypes.

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Lumeo Launches Real-Time Performance Testing Software

Lumeo Motion Reduces Costs and Time to Market for Heavy Equipment and Automotive Manufacturers

TORONTO, Canada and HELSINKI, Finland - November 12, 2001 - Lumeo Software, Inc. (Lumeo), a developer of interactive performance testing software, today announced the launch of Lumeo Motion 2.0. Designed specifically for the heavy equipment and automotive industries, Lumeo Motion allows mechanical engineers to use 3D CAD models to test product behavior early in the development process, reducing time and costs throughout the development project.

Unlike Lumeo's competitors, Lumeo Motion does not require users to define motion paths and maneuvers prior to performance testing. Instead it allows users to operate the product interactively just as you would with real prototypes. With Lumeo's patent-pending technology, users of Lumeo Motion can add hydraulic cylinders with real-life functionality to 3D CAD models and visually and interactively test in real-time whether the design meets the desired performance objectives.

"Lumeo's software dynamically changes the design process from problem solving to problem prevention," said Visa Vuorinen, chief executive officer of Lumeo Software. "By taking a proactive approach to solving design issues, Lumeo Motion increases efficiency and cost savings in the design process."

"Life-like simulation capabilities and extreme ease-of-use set Lumeo Motion apart from other simulation and performance testing products," said Juha Kanto, manager of product modeling and simulation applications at Timberjack, John Deere Worldwide Construction and Forestry Division. "It has great potential for every CAD user in daily design tasks."

Unlike conventional simulation software products, which are limited to use by simulation experts, Lumeo Motion is designed for CAD engineers. The software duplicates the look and feel of a company's existing 3D CAD software, so it requires little training for new users. By enabling design and product development engineers to run interactive performance testing early in the product development process, Lumeo Motion prevents dead-end concepts from leaving the desktop, reducing the risk of delays in project schedules.

"We understand that CAD users don't need in-depth analysis software," said Jari Strandman, president of Lumeo Software North America. Instead we are providing exciting functionality for performance testing, so that all the members of a development team are able to test if the product is getting the job done."

Lumeo Motion also facilitates the collaboration of multiple groups within an organization. Using Lumeo's free simulation player, Lumeo Scenario, a model can run on any desktop PC, without CAD software, enabling marketing, suppliers, customers and other team members to participate in the product innovation process and allowing non- engineers to provide feedback on the product. Lumeo Motion, which runs on PCs, is now available via ENGINEERING.com and RAND Worldwide. Pricing begins at $3995 per seat and volume discounts are available.

About Lumeo Software
Lumeo Software, Inc. develops and supports interactive, real-time performance testing products that enable users to digitally test and demonstrate the behavior of their products and concepts before any material is cut. Lumeo was founded with the mission to bring high performance behavioral simulation software to a wider scope of design engineers than conventional applications allow. Lumeo software improves the final result of product development while reducing the costs of the process and time-to-market. Based in Finland, Lumeo also has North American headquarters in Toronto. For more information on Lumeo, please visit www.lumeo.com.

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