Testing Products facilitate creation of HOT applications.

Press Release Summary:

HOTkit(TM) products provide researchers with core building blocks necessary for creating Holographic Optical Trapping (HOT) configurations. Allowing users to integrate HOT into existing laboratory instrumentation, each HOTkit product includes BNS spatial light modulator (SLM) for creating dynamic holograms and Arryx software for implementing high-speed calculations for controlling SLM and other instrumentation.

Original Press Release:

Arryx and Boulder Nonlinear Systems Announce Availability of HOTkit(TM) Holographic Optical Trapping Solution

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 16 -- Arryx, Inc., a Haemonetics(R) Company, and Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc. (BNS) today announced the HOTkit(TM) product line. The new HOTkit products provide researchers the core high-performance building blocks for creating their own Holographic Optical Trapping (HOT) configurations.

Previous HOT products, exclusively available from Arryx, delivered stand-alone, turnkey solutions for manipulating, measuring and assembling microscopic and nanoscopic organisms and particles studied in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and nanotechnology. The HOTkit product line enables researchers to integrate HOT into their existing laboratory instrumentation. Each HOTkit product includes a BNS spatial light modulator (SLM) for creating dynamic holograms and Arryx software that implements high-speed calculations for controlling the SLM and other instrumentation.

"We're excited to deliver this flexible and cost-effective solution to the research community," said Dan Mueth, Chief Technical Officer of Arryx. "The HOTkit products deliver the highest available HOT performance in a format that will quickly enable novel research."

"BNS has deep expertise in the hardware systems for projecting laser light. Providing this hardware through the HOTkit product line will significantly ease integration of SLMs into research programs thereby accelerating the pace of micro- and nanotech investigations," states Steve Serati, CEO of Boulder Nonlinear Systems.

About Arryx

Arryx, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Haemonetics Corporation, implements its proprietary holographic optical trapping (HOT) technology for optically controlled measurement, manipulation and manufacturing of materials in health, agriculture, materials science and other fields. Further information is available at www.arryx.com or by calling 312-726-6675.

About Boulder Nonlinear Systems

Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc. makes liquid crystal devices for optical computing, telecommunications, medical imaging, and research applications. Boulder Nonlinear Systems' research and manufacturing facility includes a fully equipped optics lab and a Class 10 clean room. BNS sells off-the-shelf products and custom devices to meet the most demanding requirements. Boulder Nonlinear Systems is a privately held company founded in 1988. For more information, visit www.bnonlinear.com or call 303-604-0077.

HOTkit is a trademark of Arryx, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Kelly Gregorak, Director of Sales & Marketing of Boulder Nonlinear Systems, +1-303-604-0077, kelly@bnonlinear.com; or Dan Mueth, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of Arryx, Inc., +1-312-726-6675, ext. 235, dmueth@arryx.com

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