Testing/Consulting Services evaluate films and packages.

Press Release Summary:

Testing and consulting services for flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid films and finished packages include odor analysis, permeation analysis, and O2 and H2O vapor transmission rates. Services available offer evaluation of microbiological activity, taste panels, and distribution studies, where, after primary package testing is concluded, company tracks performance through distribution cycle. Customized proposals are considered to address specific packaging challenges.

Original Press Release:

Mocon Expands Offering by Providing Testing/Consulting In Addition To Instrumentation Equipment Manufacturing

Minneapolis, MN (March 3, 2004) -MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO), the leading manufacturer of instrumentation equipment, expands its offering to include testing and consulting services.

The company, well known for a wide variety of laboratory testing equipment (such as permeation, aroma, gas analyzers, gauging instruments, leak detectors, seal strength, head space analyzers, etc.), now offers clients an additional facet of expertise.

Although there are many testing and consulting services available to packaging professionals, those offered by MOCON take on a unique perspective because they are offered by the company that manufactures the leading instrumentation devices. This puts MOCON in a leading position to conduct and interpret tests with the highest degree of confidence and accuracy.

The company's testing/consulting services for films or finished packages (flexible, semi-rigid, rigid) include:
· Odor analysis, capable of isolating the slightest trace off-odors as well as desirable flavors.
· Permeation analysis. O2 and H2O vapor transmission rates (also nitrogen, helium, argon, etc.). MOCON's in-house permeation lab determines gas transmission rate that will be harmful to a client's product-the first step in predicting shelf life.
· Microbiological activity. Quick, precise analysis of microbiological activity.
· Taste panels. Conducted in parallel with permeation analysis and microbiological testing, taste panels provide clients with real-life feedback.
· Distribution studies. After primary package testing is concluded, MOCON can track performance through the distribution cycle.
· Other analysis. MOCON provides customized proposals to address specific packaging challenges.

By out sourcing the package evaluation process to MOCON, packagers can shorten their "speed to market" cycle with a high degree of performance confidence.

MOCON is a leading provider of instrumentation and consulting and laboratory services to medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries worldwide. See www.mocon.com for more information.

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