Test System utilizes steering effort sensor.

Press Release Summary:

Offering torque capacities of 200, 500, or 1,000 in-lb, Test Measurement System combines portable data acquisition system with air-bag compatible, Model 01184 digital FM telemetry steering effort sensor that transmits and receives torque signal. Providing 7,200 ppr, encoder directly attaches to windshield and is driven with gear drive chain. System also includes laptop computer and measurement software.

Original Press Release:

Steering Effort Test System, featuring airbag compatible steering effort sensor and DAQ

Lake Orion, MI - Sensor Developments Inc. is please to announce a new addition to it's test measurement systems. Our model 01184 digital FM telemetry steering effort sensor, is now complete with a portable data acquisition system. The package features continuous, non-contact torque data from a low mass rotating steering sensor, 7200 PPR encoder, with dedicated low and high resolution ranges.

The system features your choice from one of three torque capacities including 200, 500, and 1,000 in-lbs, a digital FM system to transmit and receive the torque signal, encoder which directly attaches to the windshield and is driven with a gear drive chain, laptop computer, and measurement software.

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