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Series 300 Test and Analysis System, with InspeXion® software, provides in process and end-of-line testing, process monitoring, and quality verification. It includes hot-swap redundant drives and power supplies. Software performs test sequencing, data acquisition, and waveform analysis. It provides built-in SPC to help scientifically establish test PASS/FAIL limits, automatically calculate process control limits, and provide statistical analysis of test data.

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SCIEMETRIC® Introduces 300 Series of Advanced Test Systems

New 300 series finds defects that others can't find

Ottawa, Ontario, September 24th 2002 - Sciemetric®, a global leader in Signature Analysis technology, is pleased to announce the release of the the 300 Series of Test and Analysis Systems. The new 300 Series, along with our InspeXion® software, provides a robust solution for in process and end-of-line testing, process monitoring, and quality verification on manufacturing and assembly lines. Based on Sciemetric's proven and reliable
measurement and control technology, the 300 Series can find
more defects than other test systems, leading to higher levels of quality and fewer false rejects.

The systems have been designed with the harsh realities of a non-stop production environment in mind. With hot swap redundant drives and power supplies, the 300 Series is designed for continuous operation. The systems also come with optional PLC connectivity so they can work seamlessly as part of your manufacturing process. To allow for ease of support, maintenance and upgrades, the 300 Series systems use an Intel® Pentium® CPU and Microsoft Windows NT.

The application power of the 300 Series is based on the Sciemetric InspeXion® Test and Analysis software, which can be configured quickly to perform test sequencing, data acquisition and waveform analysis. The InspeXion software provides built in SPC (statistical process control) to help scientifcally establish test PASS/FAIL limits, automatically calculate process control limits and provide rapid statistical analysis of test data. InspeXion software also provides root cause determination to help solve process problems before they have a significant impact, put an end to chronic failures and save on wasteful
maintenance costs.

The 300 Series also works with Sciemetric's QualityWorX® birth history software. This combination provides the ultimate in testing and product traceability.

The 300 Series of Test and Analysis Systems is now available to customers.

About Sciemetric Instruments
Founded in 1981, Sciemetrico Instruments is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of highly advanced industrial test systems and product quality management software. Customers are leading manufacturing companies aiming to improve plant yield and end user satisfaction.

The company manufactures complete product quality intelligence systems, for in-process and end-of-line testing. These Windows(TM)-based systems use Sciemetric proprietary Signature Analysis technology which uses complex software algorithms for defect detect on, traceability, determination and subsequent elimination of root causes, Signature Analysis is a powerful technique for identifying product defects by dissecting test waveforms into distinctive parts and comparing important characteristics against the signature of an acceptable product.

To obtain more information email inquiries@sciemetric.com or access the company's web site at www.sciemetric.com.

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