Test Kit detects iron in oilfield brines.

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Visual and instrumental Iron in Brine Test Kit quantitatively measures more than 55 essential parameters by visual color comparison or with instrument. Compact, portable unit produces fast results in lab or field and comes with everything necessary to run 30 tests. In addition to Iron in Brine ampoules, Iron in Brine Single Analyte Meter (SAM) is also included as alternative to spectrophotometer.

Original Press Release:

Iron in Brine: Water Analysis Test Kits Offer Flexibility and Ease of Use

Calverton, VA, February 12, 2003-CHEMetrics, Inc., introduces its new Iron in Brine Test Kits. Iron contamination in oilfield brines is typically a result of corrosion processes of iron-containing metallic components and equipment; accumulation of insoluble iron salts in a brine completion fluid can result in substantial formation damage and can significantly affect the productivity of an oil well.

CHEMetrics' new visual and instrumental Iron in Brine Test Kits offer fast, dependable results. Each kit comes with everything you need to run 30 tests. CHEMetrics' Test Kits are compact and portable, making them ideal for fast, dependable results in the lab or field. In addition to the new Iron in Brine ampoules, a new instrument is being offered-the Iron in Brine Single Analyte Meter (SAM). Designed to work with our new product line, the SAM is a simple, economical alternative to a spectrophotometer.

CHEMetrics manufactures portable test kits for quantitatively measuring more than 55 essential parameters, either by visual color comparison, or with an instrument. For over 30 years, CHEMetrics has been committed to providing products that are simple-to-use and accurate, while saving time and reducing costs.

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