Test Fixtures evaluate mechanical properties of wood.

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Designed for static bend/flexure testing on wood and timber products, 2820-04x Series bend fixtures come in 10 and 50 kN capacities with 800 and 1,200 mm max span lower beams. Shear fixture 2820-060, featuring specimen clamp and interchangeable shims, measures compressive shear strength of wood and adhesive products. Incorporating self-aligning coupling and rotatable lower grip, 2820-061 internal bond fixture measures force needed to separate internal wood fibers in chipboard and fiberboard.

Original Press Release:

Instron® Launches New Wood Test Fixtures

Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, offers an improved line of bend fixtures, as well as enhanced versions of the compressive shear and internal bond fixtures for testing wood.

Designed for static bend/flexure testing on a range of wood and timber products, the 2820-04x Series bend fixtures are available in two capacities: 10 kN and 50 kN, and a choice of 800 mm and 1200 mm maximum span lower beams. Each beam features a graduated scale for accurate support anvil positioning. In addition, optional four-point conversion kits allow the fixtures to be configured to meet a wide range of standards, including ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, JAS and JIS standards.

Depending on the standard being used, both 3- and 4-point bend configurations are supported and interchangeable anvil sets can be selected. Additionally, a yoke deflectometer option allows bending deflections to be measure if required.

The updated shear fixture (2820-060) now features a specimen clamp to locate the specimen and interchangeable shims to cater for standards that require an offset in the shear line. The fixture is used to measure the compressive shear strength of wood and adhesive products.

The internal bond fixture (2820-061) is used to test chipboard and fiberboard by measuring the force needed to separate the internal wood fibers. The new design incorporates a self-aligning coupling to ensure uniform distribution of the applied load and rotatable lower grip for ease of specimen loading. A set of reusable specimen bonding blocks is also available.

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