Test and Measurement Software includes ActiveX controls.

Press Release Summary:

TestPoint v5.0 offers ActiveX user-interface controls, which include knobs, gauges, sliders, and switches with true-color, 3D-modeled look. TechComponents GlobalStyle feature enables user to change look of entire panel with one setting. Additional offerings include Microsoft® Office interface objects for Word and Excel, Test Sequencer with built-in status display, data logging, and pass/fail limit testing, and time and date labeling of graphs in local and GMT time.

Original Press Release:

CEC Introduces TestPoint 5.0 Test & Measurement Software

May 2003, Billerica, MA.

Capital Equipment Corp. (CEC) announced the release of TestPoint version 5.0, bringing important new features to this popular and easy-to-use test & measurement development software. TestPoint version 5 features include:

o New ActiveX user-interface controls. A complete copy of CEC's new TechComponents ActiveX control package is bundled with every copy of TestPoint. These ActiveX controls include knobs, gauges, sliders, switches and other objects, with true-color 3D-modelled look & feel. The TechComponents GlobalStyle feature lets the user change the look of an entire panel with a single setting.

o Microsoft® Office interface objects for Word and Excel provide easy data interchange and control over printing and saving documents, for easy report generation.

o A Test Sequencer to organize automated testing applications, with built-in status display, data logging, and pass/fail limit testing.

o Time and date labeling of graphs in both local and GMT time.

Pricing, Availability and Support
TestPoint Professional development system is available from stock for $995, and upgrades for current users are only $249. Capital Equipment Corp provides complete technical support for all its products at no additional cost to the end user.

About Capital Equipment Corporation

Capital Equipment Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of technology leading data acquisition software and hardware. CEC is the first company to introduce an intelligent distributed data acquisition product , webDAQ/100 which combines high-performance A/D and D/A with built-in web browser. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Billerica, MA, the company has worldwide presence and distribution.

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