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Termite/Pest Detector supports Android connectivity.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 20, 2014 - Enabling pest control operators and home inspectors to perform their jobs with enhanced accuracy, T3i supports connection to Android devices (phones /tablets) via Bluetooth. Available app can be used as display component to provide responsive viewing and simplified UI. While radar technology detects movement of termites, thermal and moisture sensors detect temperature and moisture differentials indicating evidence of termites.

Termatrac - Los Angeles, CA

Original Press Release

Termatrac Announces T3i Support for Android

Press release date: Feb 12, 2014

Termatrac T3i Readings and Displays Now Supported on Android Devices

BRISBANE, Australia -- Termatrac ( announces the release of an Android app which can be used as the display component of a Termatrac T3i, and now ships an Android device with every T3i termite detection unit. The T3i connects to the Android device via Bluetooth, providing sharper and more responsive viewing, and a simpler user interface than the previously supplied PDA.

"The support of the Android is great advancement for the T3i, making best use of rapidly advancing technology. It's a great platform that gives us lots of options for the future " said Chris Curtis, Termatrac General Manager, "Owners of the T3i can also use their own Android devices, whether they be phones or tablets."

The Termatrac T3i has advanced radar technology but also includes thermal and moisture sensors. Radar technology detects the movement of termites, while thermal and moisture sensors detect temperature and moisture differentials indicating the evidence of termites, giving pest control operators and home inspectors more capabilities to do their jobs better and more accurately.

Contact Termatrac for more information at (310) 242 5854.

About Termatrac: Termatrac was founded in Australia in 1990. After conducting research at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, the first hand-held detection radar device was developed. Additional studies and testing continued and the first version of the device was launched in 1999. Termatrac now offers the Termatrac® T3i, the second-generation termite detection device that utilizes radar, thermal and moisture sensors for precise termite detection. More information about Termatrac and the Termatrac T3i is available at

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