Terberg Develop New RFID Product

Terberg Matec UK Ltd. are pleased to announce their new OMNI-ID RFID product that integrates perfectly with their dynamic bin lift range. The OMNI-ID system represents a logical development and natural extension to the current range of bin lift and weighing products.

The development of the Terberg OMNI-ID product provides the customer with the opportunity to procure a truly integrated dynamic weighing and RFID bin lift system that is fully supported by an excellent after-sales service available through one single point of contact.

The Terberg OMNI-ID product uses a robust, self-tuning, multi frequency antenna which is integral to the bin lift comb and is cleverly designed to eliminate the reliability problems that are normally associated with other RFID readers. Unlike other available RFID readers, the Terberg OMNI-ID multi reader antenna contains no sensitive electronics in the actual antenna unit therefore eliminating the risk of damage from bins and water ingress that can potentially be the downfall of RFID readers that house sensitive electronics in the antenna head.

The Terberg OMNI-ID system can capably read the wide range of frequencies used in RFID tags throughout Europe and uses a self-tuning system to switch between the different types automatically and transparently to the end user. The system can also be configured to reject non-tagged bins or accept a decision input from the operator.

Speaking about the new products development, Godfried Terberg, Managing Director for Terberg Machines BV, explained;

"the OMNI-ID product has been developed in response to customers' demand for such products to be designed in such a way as to not compromise the overall reliability of the collection vehicle and for after-sales support to be provided as promptly and effectively as the customer would expect for a standard bin lift product. By developing our own integrated Terberg RFID system we are able to offer a robust product that easily integrates with the bin lift without the need for unnecessary additional boxes, computers and extensive wiring."

Terberg's new OMNI-ID system is available either in combination with a Terberg weighing bin lift or with a standard Terberg bin lift. The system is unique as it utilises the integrated Terberg bin lift control system, via CANbus, as the source of the processing power required to enable RFID recognition and information processing. This negates the requirement for additional expense that would otherwise be incurred through extra wiring and computer modules.

Unique RFID information is read from a bins RFID tag during the collection process by the Multi-Frequency antenna reader, the data and time of collection is stored in solid state memory for later retrieval and analysis.

This retrieval process however, can be automated when vehicles are fitted with Terberg's muniTRACK vehicle communication and GPS tracking system. This enables a GPS coordinate to be injected into the string of data for the RFID read event, this data string is then encrypted and transmitted via GPRS to the muniTRACK web server for analysis and reporting.

Where GPRS services are not available the system will continue to log the information from RFID tag readings within its internal memory until it next receives a GPRS signal.

The modular design of Terberg's TMDW9004 Dynamic Weighing, OMNI-ID RFID and muniTRACK system affords the customer a range of options that also allow for future expansion.

For instance, a customer may only be interested in collecting RFID information for the next 12 months in order to determine the participation rate of its new recycling scheme.

Based on the information gathered through the OMNI-ID product they could then choose to implement a 'pay as you throw' scheme that requires the collection equipment to have dynamic weighing and/or GPS tracking in the years following. This type of system evolution becomes simplified with the Terberg approach and offers a 'one stop shop' or all bin lift related waste collection requirements.

The OMNI-ID system is compatible with Terberg's split, triple and trade lifts and is fully supported in the UK through a specialised field service team and after-sales desk.

Contact details:
Terberg Matec UK Ltd, Leacroft Road, Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6PJ, United Kingdom
Tel: 01925 283 915
Fax: 01925 283910
email: sales@terberg.co.uk
web: www.terberg.co.uk

Sales Enquiries to: Chris Walley on numbers above

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