Tensioning Connectors require no machining for installation.

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Tensioning connectors can be slid or swiveled into groove, simplifying joining of 2 profiles and allowing retrofit into existing applications. Adapted to profiles with 8 and 10 mm grooves, units work with all profile cross sections in Basic Mechanical Elements modular system. They are also available in ESD-compatible versions, able to withstand bending loads of up to 35 and 110 Nm and sliding forces of maximum 1,000 and 3,500 N.

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New Tensioning Connector Requires No Machining: Users Save Assembly Time and Money

The new tensioning connector can be inserted or subsequently swiveled into grooves without any profile machining required, thus saving the user assembly time and money.

Rexroth's new tensioning connectors ensure simple and reliable joining of two profiles. Users save assembly time and money, as the tensioning connectors can be easily inserted in profile grooves without any end machining. When installed in the groove, they do not protrude at all. Precisely adapted to profiles with 8 and 10 mm grooves, they work with all profile cross sections available in Rexroth's Basic Mechanical Elements modular system.

The connectors can be slid or swiveled into the groove, making it possible to retrofit them in existing constructions. Only one tool is required for simple and fast assembly of both connector types. Users can also insert the tensioning connectors in existing frames without having to disassemble them first.

Rexroth also offers an ESD-compatible tensioning connector. It can withstand bending loads of up to 35 and 110 Nm, as well as sliding forces of maximum 1000 and 3500 Newton, and always ensure a sturdy connection. When using the tensioning connector, the grooves are kept free and can be used to hold surface elements.

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