Tension Transducer Amplifier operates with 115/230 V input.

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Model TI17B True Tension(TM) Indicator monitors tension in any zone on converting and printing web machinery. Measuring 3 x 5 in., transducer amplifier card is packaged for mounting in cabinet or control panel. It takes signal from tension transducers and delivers 0-10 V signal proportional to tension to drive, PLC, or PID controller. Available in horizontal or vertical base styles in semi-enclosure, product features terminal strip connections at bottom of vertical mount.

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TI17B Tension Transducer Amplifier/Indicator

(ROCHESTER, NH, USA-March 24, 2004) For monitoring tension in any zone on converting and printing web machinery, Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. introduces the TI17B True Tension(TM) Indicator. The TI17B is a 3 x 5 inch transducer amplifier card packaged in one of three convenient compact configurations for mounting in a cabinet or control panel.

A versatile, cost-effective tension control component for OEM's and end-users alike, the TI17B takes a signal from tension transducers (installed on an idler roll in the web path) and delivers a 0-to-10 V signal proportional to tension to a drive, a PLC or a PID controller. It operates with 115V or 230V input (or 24V for the TI18B alternative).

The TI17B TrueTension(TM) Indicator has several advantages over the previous generation TI17A that it supersedes:

1) Terminal strip connections at the bottom of the vertical mount TI17B make external wiring easier.

2) TLS (Tension Limit Switch) option. TLS is a convenient web break prevention and detection feature. Machine operators can be alerted automatically to tension spikes or deviations. A front-panel LED activates when the high- or low-tension set point is tripped.

3) Ordering simplicity. Customers choose between two popular base styles: horizontal or vertical in semi-enclosure. Enclosure cover and DIN-rail clip mounting are options. Designed to meet European Low-Voltage and EMC directives, the TI17B is CE marked in its full enclosure version.

Contact Dover Flexo Electronics for data sheet. 217 Pickering Road, Rochester, NH 03867 USA. Tel/ 603-332-6150; Fax/ 603-332-3758; E-mail/ info@dfe.com; Internet/ dfe.com

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