Ten Megapixel Display System suits diagnostic grayscale imaging.

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Featuring 4,096 x 2,560 pixel resolution, 10 MegaPixel Coronis Fusion 10MP display system presents grayscale images with detail adapted to sensitivity of human eye. Ambient light compensation is included, as well as IPS WideView LCD technology that renders grayscale images with optimal brightness and contrast and enables viewing from any angle. System features backlight and temperature monitoring sensors to maximize display lifetime, while DVI and DisplayPort connectors speed data transfer.

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Barco Releases 10 MegaPixel Display System for Diagnostic Grayscale Imaging

RSNA Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA - At the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago, medical display leader Barco has announced the commercial release of its 10 MegaPixel Coronis Fusion 10MP display system. The new product inherits all the advantages of Barco's successful Coronis Fusion displays and adds a new, proprietary 'SmoothGray' technology for the presentation of ultra-precise grayscale images. Coronis Fusion 10MP has obtained FDA 510 (k) clearance.

"With its 4096 x 2560 resolution, the new 10 MegaPixel Coronis display system is the perfect imaging companion for a wide variety of high-resolution grayscale studies including chest, bone and breast images," Geert Carrein, Market Director for Barco's Medical Imaging division, explains. "The system continues the legacy of proven Coronis benefits such as intervention-free DICOM compliance, luminance uniformity and ambient light compensation, while introducing a new proprietary innovation called 'SmoothGray'. SmoothGray presents grayscale images with an ultra-precise palette of Just Noticeable Differences that are perfectly adapted to the sensitivity of the human eye. This makes it easier to detect subtle image details, such as pulmonary nodules or pneumothoraces."

The new 10MP Coronis incorporates advanced IPS WideView LCD technology, which renders grayscale images with superb brightness and contrast, truly dark blacks and perfect geometry. Moreover, IPS WideView provides an excellent view from any angle, turning the monitor into an ideal solution for multi-user viewing of clinical images.

To maximize efficiency and reduce eye fatigue, the Coronis Fusion 10MP adopts the seamless 'Fusion' architecture that was first introduced with Barco's successful Coronis Fusion 6MP DL color display system. This advanced design offers radiologists the freedom to organize their 30-inch workspace just the way they want to: either as two seamless 5-MegaPixel displays, or one wide-screen 10 MegaPixel display. This allows them to compare prior and current mammography images without the annoyance of a central bezel, or to review X-ray chest images or 40 full-resolution CT/MR images with superb diagnostic precision on a single screen.

To assure consistency and maximize display lifetime, the Coronis Fusion 10MP incorporates a system of multiple backlight and temperature monitoring sensors. These sensors work seamlessly with the Ambient Light Compensation sensor and the patented I-Guard front sensor to optimize the display for the most stable and efficient performance.

Like all Barco diagnostic display systems, the new 10 MegaPixel Coronis comes as a 'plug & play' product bundle, featuring an ultra-fast display controller and the latest version of the MediCal QAWeb solution for worry-free Quality Assurance. As such, the system offers a turnkey replacement for legacy dual-head systems. And thanks to the built-in DVI and DisplayPort connectors, users benefit from extremely fast and reliable data transfers.

Finally, Barco's new Coronis Fusion 10MP heralds a new chapter in the company's commitment to a sustainable future. In addition to the product's energy-efficiency and recyclability, special attention has been given to the selection of non-hazardous components from audited suppliers.

Coronis Fusion 10MP at RSNA

The new Coronis Fusion 10MP will be demonstrated at the Barco booth (#9114, Hall B), and at a large number of imaging partner booths, at this year's RSNA Annual Meeting, from 28 November to 3 December 2010, in Chicago, USA. The product will come standard with a five-year warranty and is FDA 510(k) cleared. It will become commercially available in Q1 of 2011.

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