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Tempered Glass Heat Soak Oven with a 'Catch'...

Precision Quincy Model EC-617.5-9.5BIFG is a custom built, Class "A" tempered glass heat soak oven. The operating temperature used to heat soak the glass is 280°C ± 5°C. A proprietary air distribution system ensures that uniform airflow passes between each sheet of glass. The sheets are positioned so that a 25mm gap exists between each sheet.

Due to the immense weight of the glass being processed, a heavy duty steel cart becomes a necessity for loading and unloading the oven. Built-in guide tracks in the oven allow the cart to easily roll product in and out. 24 sheets of glass up to 100" wide x 17 ft. long can be loaded at a time for a combined weight of nearly 12,000 lbs.

Removable containment pans are built into the base of the cart to catch and contain any glass in the event of breakage, making clean-up a snap. All Precision Quincy equipment is built to comply with NFPA86 and OSHA standards.

Precision Quincy Corp., Woodstock, IL. 815/338-2675 [] []

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