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Temperature Sensors deliver precise digital output.

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Feb 06, 2008 - Offered in 8-lead TSSOP and SO-8 packages, STxx75 series uses band-gap temperature sensor with programmable 9-12 bit sigma-delta ADC to digitize temperature reading to resolution up to 0.0625°C. Products offer ±3° accuracy over -55 to +125°C range or ±2° from -25 to +100°C. They suit any control application where processor with I²C bus/SMBus needs to take action based on digital reading of local temperature or where alarm/interrupt is required when preset temperature level is reached.

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STMicroelectronics Introduces Precision Industry-Standard Digital Temperature Sensor Series

Press release date: Jan 29, 2008

Low-cost drop-in replacements for LM75, DS75 and TCN75A temperature sensor chips feature shutdown mode, plus low operating and standby currents

Geneva, January 29, 2008 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a leader in analog ICs, today announced a new series of precision digital-output temperature sensors, operating over the -55 to +125 degrees C temperature range, which are ideal for low power applications in a broad range of product areas. The cost-competitive STxx75 devices are software-compatible drop-in replacements for industry-standard LM75, DS75 and TCN75A parts, and also complement ST's STLM20 analog temperature sensor, now being used in several mobile phone designs.

The digital sensors, in standard 8-lead TSSOP and SO-8 packages, are intended for use in any control application where a processor with an I2C bus/SMBus needs to take action based on an accurate digital reading of the local temperature, or where an alarm or interrupt is required when a preset temperature level is reached. They use a band-gap temperature sensor, with a programmable 9-bit to 12-bit sigma-delta ADC (analog to digital converter) to digitize the temperature reading to a resolution of up to 0.0625 degrees C. The STTS75 devices are factory-calibrated and require no external components.

Accuracy is plus or minus 3 degrees over the full -55 to +125 degrees C temperature range, and plus or minus 2 degrees from -25 to +100 degrees C. The sensors are designed for a supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and have a low operating current of 75uA (typical) at 3.3V. In the power-saving shutdown mode the standby current is a very low 1uA maximum. Power-up defaults enable standalone operation as a thermostat, and both temperature and hysteresis values are programmable.

Typical applications include any product with a hard drive - including laptops, servers and some set-top boxes - plus medical equipment, industrial controllers and LCD backlighting. Brighter displays and higher speed circuits mean more heat is being generated, which must be dissipated in ever-smaller packages. This challenge for thermal management in consumer and industrial electronics means that the temperature of ICs and ambient air must be carefully monitored to prevent over-heating and damage.

The STTS75 series is available in volume in SO-8 and MSOP8 (TSSOP8) packages, priced at $0.70 in quantities of 1,000. Samples are also readily available.

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