Temperature/Humidity Monitoring System is easy to implement.

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Panel PC System is preprogrammed with temperature and humidity monitoring and control system, and provides touch-screen interface. It is compatible with Series LTM-8000 data acquisition system controllers, which provide up to 128 12-bit input points. Programmable high and low alarms indicate out of range temperature and humidity data. I-Wire® Network technology provides multi-drop systems that can be instantly identified without programming.

Original Press Release:

New Panel PC System Provides a Low-Cost, Easy-to-Implement Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

March 4th, Akron, OH-Azova, Inc., an experienced data acquisition company enhances their innovative line of industrial temperature and humidity monitoring and control systems with a new Panel PC system. The TouchScreen can be used with two Azova data acquisition controllers, the LTM-8000D and LTM-8000T, to provide low-cost, turnkey solutions with up to 128 12-bit input points.

Azova systems leverage Dallas Semiconductors I-Wire® Network technology to provide easy to install multi-drop systems that can be instantly identified without any programming. They are ideal choices for a wide variety of industrial applications where climate must be carefully maintained, such as chemical and oil storage, food storage, and food production, as well as diverse agricultural applications including grain silo monitoring and livestock management. Azova's compact Panel PC systems are particularly well suited to these applications because of their rugged components and their ability to implement multiple sampling locations on a single wire over long distances.

Azova's basic Panel PC system is preprogrammed with a robust temperature and humidity monitoring and control system, and provides a user-friendly TouchScreen interface. It is compatible with Azova's LTM-8000 Series data acquisition system controllers. The LTM-8000D provides 16 input points per channel, each of which provides both temperature and humidity monitoring for a total of 32 data points per channel and a total of 192 data points for the entire system. The LTM-8000T provides 8 channels for a total of 128 input points and 256 total data points. The Panel PC automatically detects each installed sensor at start-up. The rugged TouchScreen interface provides easy access to all system features and permits scrolling through data in table or chart form. The Programmable high and low alarms are provided to indicate out of range temperature and humidity data. In addition, the units are equipped with a standard parallel port to permit sending data to a printer, and with a RS-485 port (RS-485 to RS-232 converters are available) to enable interfacing with a PC for data logging and control.

Multi-drop networks are easily and inexpensively implemented with Azova systems. A single cable (or a network of cable segments) up to 200 Meters long is attached to each channel on the system controller. Unlike other systems that require complex wiring schemes, Azova systems use simple prefabricated splitters to introduce new sensor points. These splitters are easily screwed into compatible cable sections, and specialized sensors are in-turn screwed into the splitter. Each sensor has on-board signal conditioning, a 12-bit digitizer, and a unique 64-bit address by which it is identified on the Panel PC display.

List price for the Azova Panel PC is $1200. The LTM-8000D lists for $495 and the LTM-8000T is $495. Sensors, splitters, and cables are not included. Splitters list for $7 each, temperature only sensors start at $16 each, and combination temperature/humidity sensors list for $110 each.

Complete specifications for the entire line of Azova temperature and humidity monitoring systems is available on their website at azova.com. For more information, or for help with configuring your system, please contact an Azova sales engineer by calling 330-535-8685 or e-mailing sales@azova.com

About Azova: Azova, Inc. is an Ohio-based provider of complete temperature and humidity monitoring and control solutions that deliver sophisticated performance via elegantly simple installations. The company was founded by seasoned engineers with a long history of successful data acquisition product design, development, and manufacturing in the industrial test and measurement market.

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