Temperature Data Loggers/Probes feature watertight design.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for monitoring temperatures in hot and/or wet conditions, HT 200 Takes-the-Heat-Watertight Temperature Data Loggers and HT 220/HT 225 Piercing Probes are food-grade units in HACCP and FDA-compliant stainless steel cases. Battery-powered devices are temperature-resistant to 257°F and provide USB-enabled high-speed data downloading. Applications include food, beverage, and agricultural products.

Original Press Release:

New Takes-the-Heat-Watertight Temperature Data Logger from Dickson

Dickson's new stainless steel case data loggers perfect for monitoring temperatures in hot and/or wet conditions (HT 200/220/225 a.k.a. "Takes-the-Heat-Watertight-Temperature Data Logger, see www.dicksondata.com/product/model_HT200.php ) are now available to worldwide design engineers by contacting a Dickson environmental monitoring specialist at +1-630-543-3747 (or 1-800-757-3747 within the U.S.), or writing Dicksoncsr@DicksonData.com.

These NEW Takes-the-Heat-Watertight Temperature Data Loggers (HT 200) and Piercing Probe Models (HT 220/HT 225) feature:

- Watertight, food grade, HACCP and FDA-Compliant Stainless Steel Cases.

- Temperature resistant up to 257°F / 125°C.

- Extra-sturdy reinforced probes in HT 220 and HT 225 models.

- User replaceable 1-year batteries.

- USB-enabled high speed data downloading.

Kate Sonka, Inside Sales Manager/Marketing Coordinator of Dickson Company, says, "These are the ideal solution for anybody who needs to have the ultimate flexibility on where they place their data loggers. These instruments are designed to not only take the heat, but also are watertight and made of the clean food grade stainless steel that is important to so many real-world applications where temperature monitoring is required. Dickson's customer service staff are arguably the world's most knowledgeable experts on how to choose one or another monitoring instrument and they can be called to explore whether this new Takes-the-Heat-Watertight Temperature Data Logger is the right solution for your organization."

Dickson product inquiries can be directed to Dickson customer service at dicksoncsr@dicksondata.com, or calling 800-757-3747 in the U.S. or +1-630-543-3747 outside the US, FAX +1-630-543-0498 or by writing Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101, USA.

Dickson Company and its web portal www.dicksondata.com offer the widest selection of temperature data loggers, chart recorders, and alarm thermometers available in the world.

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