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TD Monitors Environmental Conditions in Warehouses

CHESTERLAND, OH — As you may have seen in October’s Apps Note, CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature monitoring solution for Tulip Tree Creamery, located in Indianapolis. Owner Fons Smits specializes in hand-crafted cheeses which he stores in a climate-controlled warehouse. This month Tulip Tree extended their monitoring system with another pair of TD RTR-507 Temp & Humidity Dataloggers to further protect its product. T&D systems can help improve Food & Beverage PQ for your business too--call CAS DataLoggers today at 800-956-4437 and see!

Warehouse Environmental Monitoring:

Tulip Tree’s particular T&D Wireless Monitoring System now includes:

  • 1 RTR-500AW Wireless Ethernet Network base station

  • 4 RTR-507 Wide-Range Temperature and

Humidity Dataloggers

  • „h  1 RTR-502 Wireless Temperature Datalogger

Designed for environmental monitoring in warehouses, refrigerated storage units, and in refrigerated trucks, T&D’s combination Temperature and humidity loggers send data via wireless communication to the T&D RTR-500AW base station. This LAN network unit then automatically downloads their recorded data. The wireless communication ranges out to 500 ft. unobstructed. 

T&D’s wide-range temperature and humidity recorders log ambient temperature from -30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F) and relative humidity levels from 0-99% RH. Current readings are visible from a distance on their LCD displays. For extended recording, the dataloggers have a battery life of about 10 months.

Wireless Base Station Pushes the Data:

The T&D RTR-500AW is a network base station with built-in Wireless LAN Communication. The base station is set up to automatically download recorded data from the Wireless Data Loggers and then send that data via the facility’s LAN network to an e-mail address, FTP folder or T&D’s own T&D Cloud WebStorage Service.

Complete Food PQ Solution:

Smits explains, “We store our cheese product inside a warehouse in a 3500 sq ft. area. I’ve installed the dataloggers on the outside wall of each cheese aging room in the hallway, with the probe leading inside the room. The base station is on the wall in the corridor between the rooms. This wireless setup works really well for our warehouse.

“After viewing data from my loggers, I increased the humidity in the natural rind cheese room and have seen an immediate positive impact on the product.”

Data can be sent to T&D’s own FREE WebStorage Service where it’s available to view and to share via a web browser. The collected environmental data is also useful to show to HACCP inspectors by using T&D’s user-friendly software.

Automatic Alarms:

In case of emergency, the T&D base station automatically sends alarms directly to the owner’s email address so he can receive an alert on his mobile device.

Smits describes his response to an alarm situation: “If the room’s cooling system fails, the T&D base station immediately sends me an email so I have time to wheel our shelves out of the affected aging room and into a safe one.”

PQ Benefits:

Smits comments, “The biggest benefit of the system is peace of mind. T&D’s automated alarm feature makes my product better by helping me improve the storage conditions. All this means that I have more cheese to sell. I can definitely recommend this for small businesses since it’s a system that can be installed by anyone without needing help from IT.”

For more info on T&D Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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