Telkonet, Inc. Launches Advanced Control and Monitoring Devices for the EcoSmart Intelligent Energy Management Platform

EcoGuard and EcoSwitch Designed to Increase Efficiency and Monitor Energy Usage

MILWAUKEE - Telkonet, Inc. (OTC BB: TKOI.OB), developer of the revolutionary EcoSmart energy management platform incorporating patented Recovery Time(TM) technology, is pleased to announce today that it has added the EcoGuard and EcoSwitch to the EcoSmart portfolio. The two new groundbreaking products will expand Telkonet's industry-leading line of advanced energy management solutions.

The EcoGuard plug load control device resembles a standard wall outlet while the EcoSwitch has the appearance of a traditional light switch. Both the EcoGuard and the EcoSwitch have the ability to stop the flow of power to overhead lights or electrical outlets based on a room's occupancy status, a schedule, an event such as a load shed or a signal from the Property Management System.

The EcoGuard wall outlets and EcoSwitch light switches integrate seamlessly with Telkonet's existing wireless ZigBee platform to provide even greater control options for all types of energy consumption including lighting, televisions, minibars and other in-room plug loads. The EcoGuard and EcoSwitch will deliver detailed insight into in-room electrical usage at both the outlet-by-outlet and room-by-room levels.

The EcoGuard and EcoSwitch have built-in power meters, allowing for real-time monitoring and detailed logging over time of financial savings, voltage, amperage, kilowatt hours (kWh) and other metrics. Additionally, kW and kWh can be separated into off-peak, mid-peak and on-peak consumption, allowing a property to have a complete understanding of the energy used by individual devices in a room.

Jeff Sobieski, Chief Technology Officer at Telkonet, said, "The EcoGuard goes beyond other load control modules by independently controlling top and bottom outlets, precisely measuring each outlet's energy usage, and seamlessly blending into any room and decor. This granular control and monitoring opens the door for any property to have considerable creative freedom and extensive control in designing green programs."

The EcoGuard, available in three in-wall configurations--120V 15-amp duplex, 240V 20-amp single and 120V/240V 20-amp hardwired--can be integrated with existing EcoSmart controls such as the EcoInsight intelligent thermostat, EcoWave wireless thermostat and EcoView occupancy sensors. By building upon a low-cost wireless ZigBee network, a property can control the heating and cooling energy consumption associated with unoccupied rooms as well as any outlets or lighting that may be consuming power in unsold room or unoccupied rooms.

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The energy-related statistics tracked by the devices offer a prime opportunity for demand response control in capacity-constrained markets. The electrical loads associated with the EcoGuard and EcoSwitch can be monitored and controlled remotely from EcoCentral, Telkonet's cloud-based management platform. During times of peak electrical demand, the EcoGuard and EcoSwitch can be controlled to turn off or reduce power to HVAC units and other loads.

Jason Tienor, Telkonet's Chief Executive Officer, believes the EcoGuard and EcoSwitch will quickly become an important part of the EcoSmart family of products. "The 47,000 hotels in the United States spend $2,196 per available room each year on energy, according to EnergyStar data," he said. "By controlling everything from HVAC units to bedside lamps, the EcoGuard and EcoSwitch have the ability to significantly impact energy expenditures."

Tienor added, "Telkonet provides what the market demands, and we've had clients request a load control module that can monitor and control lighting and appliances as part of an overall EcoSmart energy management solution. These new products complement our existing energy efficiency offering, while allowing commercial clients to take a simple first step toward smart grid integration."

Telkonet currently offers a complete line of EcoSmart energy management technology, including intelligent thermostats, occupancy sensors, door contacts, and networking equipment.


Telkonet, a leading US-based energy management technology provider, offers hardware, software and services to commercial customers worldwide. The EcoSmart suite of products, along with the EcoCentral cloud-based management platform, can reduce energy consumption, HVAC runtime and utility costs in most building environments. Telkonet's energy management products have the power to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints and help eliminate the need for the construction of new power plants. For more information, visit

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