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Telescoping Light Mast is built for durability, portability.

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Telescoping Light Mast is built for durability, portability.

Jun 02, 2014 - Constructed of overlapping square steel tubing sections, LM-50-5S industrial-grade, 5-stage telescoping mast lets operators deploy lights, security cameras, and other equipment and elevate it up to 50 ft from collapsed height of 13 ft. Mast withstands up to 125 mph winds when lowered to 13 ft, and removable mast head for storing mounted equipment when not in use. Along with fold over assembly, features include winch actuation, 360° rotating boom, and 150 lb support/lift capacity.

Original Press Release

Five Stage 50 Foot Telescoping Light Mast Released by Larson Electronics

Press release date: May 22, 2014

Kemp, Texas 75143
Larson Electronics has added to its extensive range of industrial grade lighting equipment with the release of a five stage 50 foot telescoping light mast. This light tower features a fold over assembly, a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, and a removable mast head for storing mounted equipment when not in use.

The LM-50-5S fold over five stage light mast from Larson Electronics provides a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy lights, security cameras and other equipment to elevations up to fifty feet. This light boom can be extended to a height of fifty feet for effective coverage and collapsed to thirteen feet. The tower is constructed of square steel tubing with a base section 11’ in length and 6” by 6” by 3/16” thick with a top section that is 11’ in length and 2” by 2” by 1/18” thick. Each section of the mast has a fifteen to eighteen inch overlap. The mast is elevated from its folding position with a 2,500 pound hand winch that is fitted with 3/16” cable. A second 2,500 pound hand winch provides the 13-50 foot elevation of the mast. The 360° rotation is provided by a single T-Handle. By loosening the T-Handle, operators can rotate the mast with ease in either direction. It can be locked into place once the desired position is found by tightening the T-Handle.

These light masts are typically mounted to trailers or other stable surfaces by a 18 inch by 18 inch, 3/8” thick mounting base plate which has been predrilled to accept six 1/2” anchor bolts. A 44 inch wide and 1/8” thick mounting plate is attached to the upper section of the mast which provides a strong and stable platform for lights or equipment. When lowered to 13 feet, the mast can withstand winds up to 125 miles per hour. The light tower weighs approximately 1300 pounds and can easily support and lift 150 pounds of weight. The light tower is shipped standard with two manual hand winches but is offered with optional electric winches for ease of operation.

“Our new five stage mast offers users a fast and secure solution to elevate equipment up to 50 feet,” Rob Bresnahan with said. “With five stage elevation and 360° rotation, our new mast gives operators a very functional and versatile solution to elevate lights, cameras, and any other electrical equipment.”

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of LED light towers, portable power distribution systems, explosion proof lights for hazardous locations, portable work lights and industrial grade LED area lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of lighting by visiting them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.