Telecommunications Unit is designed for business jets.

Press Release Summary:

Used in SMB aircraft, AeroCom 1100 cabin telecommunications unit provides automated, integrated package of telephone, fax, and data services. It supports up to 8 separate extensions and provides full range of switched telephone services. Compatible with all air-to-ground communication media, system has open-ended architecture and supports calling restrictions. Calls from ground can be direct-dialed to any cabin extension via DISA mode.

Original Press Release:

International Communications Group Introduces New Cabin Telecommunications Unit for Business Jets

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - September 27, 2006 - International Communications Group (ICG) today announced the introduction of the new AeroCom 1100 cabin telecommunications unit (CTU) that provides an automated integrated package of telephone, fax and data services for small- to medium-sized business jets.

The AeroCom 1100 is designed to replicate the convenience of a contemporary executive office communications suite in the aircraft's cabin. It supports up to eight separate extensions in the cabin and provides the full range of familiar switched telephone services, such as call on-hold, call transfer, intercom, conferencing and voice prompts. Familiar telephone audio tones are used for busy signal, ringing and dial tone, and voice prompts and status messages can be recorded in any language. Communication circuit selection and transceiver control is fully automatic and transparent to the caller. Circuit connections to transceivers can be either 2-wire telco, 4-wire audio systems or digital CEPT-E1. Calls from the ground can be direct-dialed to any cabin extension via DISA mode, and incoming fax calls are automatically detected and routed to the onboard fax machine.

The new CTU is compatible with the full range of air-to-ground communication media, including Iridium, Inmarsat and HF radio. The open-ended architecture ensures compatibility with emerging new communication services as they come on line without adding new external interface devices.

"The AeroCom 1100 will provide an easy 'plug-and-play' conversion solution for installed MagnaStar telephone systems after Verizon shuts down its Airfone air-to-ground service in North America December of 2007," said Armin Jabs, president of ICG.

The new ICG system also supports calling restrictions such as PIN number access control for individual handsets, credit card calling and other modern telephony features. "Our philosophy in the design of the AeroCom 1100 was to replicate the telecommunications operations of a contemporary executive office and remove the complexities associated with satellite circuits, making aircraft communications a simple, convenient and familiar process," said Jabs.

About ICG

International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) of Newport News, Va. is a recognized industry leader in the development of mobile communications integration, automation and management systems. ICG provides products and solutions for aeronautical voice and data services to the general aviation, air transport and military industries. Implementation of ICG devices provides a comprehensive and elegant solution for any size airframe or application. Products include: CTU systems, corded and cordless handsets, single and multi-channel Iridium systems and data management devices. ICG is a major Iridium value-added manufacturer (VAM) and has developed a wide range of Iridium-based solutions for mobile satellite communication applications.

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