Tektone® and Accutech Announce All-in-one Nurse Call/Wander Management Solution

Franklin, NC — TekTone® launches Tek-CARE®700 Wander Management System, providing reliable elopement protection to a variety of facilities. 

TekTone® announces a partnership with industry leading Accutech Security, manufacturer of perimeter-based, RFID-enabled elopement systems. TekTone® is releasing a comprehensive integrated nurse call and wander management system to TekTone® Elite Partners. The perimeter-based, RFID-enabled wander management components are an OEM version of the LS2400 system from Accutech. With this partnership, TekTone® expands its product offerings to reliably monitor and alert egress to ensure the safety and security of patients and residents in hospital and senior living settings.

The LS2400 ResidentGuard technology provides resident identification, loiter and door-ajar monitoring, low tag battery as well as several other alerts. Reporting capabilities integrate seamlessly with TekTone®’s existing software and at the door or nurses’ station with the optional touch-screen LCD display(s). As with all Accutech RFID products, it also uses a wider RF range that minimizes the need for an extra antenna for double door applications.

The optional display at the door or nurses’ station adds the following capabilities:

• On-screen reporting (up to 30 of the most recent reports)

• Day/Night timer programming

• Resident ID at the door

• Frequency and tuning adjustments for the controller from the display

• Custom facility logos to be uploaded as the default display

• Configuration of multiple zones from a single display

“We’re excited that TekTone® is providing a seamless, nurse call/wander solution to the market” said Chris Konicek, Sales and Marketing Director of Accutech Security. “Facilities aren’t interested in three different computers for three different systems. Our goal is to provide the most reliable, scalable, cost-effective solutions that integrate with as many existing systems as possible.”

Direct software integration with TekTone® nurse call technology creates a comprehensive egress and nurse call system from two of the most trusted names in the industry. This partnership promises to offer hospital and senior living facilities a single system that reliably meets their security and communication needs.

“TekTone is very excited to partner with Accutech to provide patient wandering solutions to our customers throughout the world.  By combining Accutech’s newest LS2400 product with TekTone®’s Tek-CARE® system, facilities will be able to quickly respond to elopement events and use the historical data to help change behaviors and improve both the safety and quality of life for residents.  Combined with TekTone®’s Tek-ALERT® integration products, facilities can bring all patient and facility based alarms and events into a single platform for notification and reporting, helping simplify training and route calls to the appropriate person each time” commented Johnny Mira-Knippel, VP of Sales and Marketing at TekTone®. 

About TekTone®

For over 40 years, TekTone® has designed and manufactured UL® Listed Tek-CARE®

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About Accutech

Accutech has engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced RFID and wireless products since 1985. Their specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of perimeter-based security systems for over 29 years, Accutech has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of people and property within a facility. Visit www.accutechsecurity.com.

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