Teknor Apex Will Play a Prominent Role in the Plastics Industry's Focus on Bioplastics at NPE2012

PAWTUCKET, RI, U.S.A., January 27, 2012: The wealth of bioplastics content available to visitors at the upcoming NPE2012 plastics exposition will include new technical information and product innovations from Teknor Apex Company, it was announced today by the company's Bioplastics Division (Booth 58038).

Since introducing its Bioplastics Division at NPE2009, Teknor Apex has developed a diverse range of biopolymer-based compounds and become an active member of the fast-growing industry community dedicated to fostering bioplastics growth. The latest example of this involvement was the recent appointment of Edwin Tam, manager of new strategic initiatives for the Division, to be the 2012 chairman of the Bioplastics Council, a special interest group of SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association.

The NPE2012 bioplastics program being planned by Teknor Apex includes:

o Innovative Terraloy® bioplastic compounds. Products to be highlighted are:

o injection molding and extrusion grades of high-impact, high-heat PLA compounds that overcome the inverse relationship between heat distortion temperature and Izod impact strength that is typical in standard PLA;

o compostable blown film compounds, blends of thermoplastic starch and biodegradable copolyester, that degrade more rapidly than the copolyester alone; and

o PLA-based masterbatches that enhance the processing and end-use performance of PLA, increasing impact strength, enhancing melt strength, and serving as a release agent in molding and extrusion.

o 'Business of Plastics' Conference Presentations. For the SPI conference co-located with NPE2012, the Bioplastics Council has organized a bioplastics session with six presentations. Teknor Apex's Edwin Tam will deliver the opening presentation, Bioplastics 101, and will participate in a panel discussion titled Bioplastics: An Opportunity for Everyone. The session will take place on Tuesday morning, April 3.

o SPE ANTEC® Conference Presentations. As technical program chairman of the Bioplastics Special Interest Group within the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Edwin Tam has organized six bioplastics sessions for ANTEC 2012, which will be co-located with NPE2012. One of the presentations will be Thermoplastic Starch and Polyethylene Blend for Blow Molded Bottles, to be delivered by Greg Anderson, technical manager for Teknor Apex's Bioplastics Division. His presentation will take place on Tuesday morning, April 3.

THE BIOPLASTICS DIVISION OF TEKNOR APEX COMPANY is a custom compounder of plastics derived from renewable resources. Product families include:

o hybrids that combine thermoplastic starch (TPS) with standard petrochemical-based polymers such as polyolefins or polystyrene;

o biodegradable or compostable blends of bioplastics such as TPS, PLA, PBAT, and PHA, some of which meet ASTM D-6400 and are listed by the Biodegradable Products Institute;

o recycled-content hybrids that combine post-industrial or post-consumer polyolefins with TPS; and

o PLA-based masterbatches that incorporate additives such as impact modifier or melt strength enhancers. Parent company Teknor Apex is one of the world's leading custom compounders of thermoplastics, including vinyls, elastomers, nylons, and color concentrates. Teknor Apex was established in 1924 and is privately held. Headquartered in Pawtucket, RI, U.S.A., it manufactures in the U.S.A., Singapore, China, and the UK and sells in 90 countries. Visit www.teknorapex.com.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Tel: 1-401-725-8000. Fax: 1-401-724-8520. Email: bioplastics@teknorapex.com

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