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TED40 Thinline Control Damper comes with Ruskiprene blade seals.

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TED40 Thinline Control Damper comes with Ruskiprene blade seals.

Jul 29, 2017 -

TED40 Thinline Control Damper is integrated with molded synthetic axle bearings. Product’s frame and blades are made of aluminum. TED40 features foam filled cavities and stainless steel compression jamb seals. Damper is offered in front or rear flanges or anodized finishes. Suitable for mounting against louvers or openings, product comes in a thin line 4 in. deep frame.

Ruskin Company - Grandview, MO

Original Press Release

Ruskin® Introduces TED40 Economy Insulated Thinline Control Damper

Press release date: Jul 28, 2017

The TED40 provides low leakage and thermal performance in a thin line 4" deep frame. Blade profile stays within the frame in the full open position which makes it ideal for mounting against louvers or openings.


  • Extruded aluminum frame and blades
  • Foam filled cavities in blade profile
  • Molded synthetic axle bearings
  • Extruded Ruskiprene blade seals locked into blades
  • Flexible stainless steel compression jamb seals
  • Concealed linkage mechanically locked in blade


  • Anodized finishes
  • Factory installed actuators and switches
  • Front and/or rear flanges
  • Stainless steel linkage

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