Technology Improvements in Quality Department

At Lauren Manufacturing, advanced technological improvements take place everyday. Recently, Lauren's Quality Department introduced the Keyence Image Dimensions Measuring Systems. The Keyence System simplifies the tooling by making dimension verifications hands-free and more accurate for production needs.

According to Scott Snyder, Director of Quality, the Keyence System will eventually replace the Micro Vu's and calipers located throughout the plant. While Micro Vu's sometimes lack consistency and allow for human variation, the new system loads CAD drawings and automatically checks sample dimensions against the drawings for accuracy. The system always begins measuring from the same point on the sample no matter the configuration of the sample placed on the platform. This avoids further possibilities for errors.

For operators, dimensions checks will become quick and efficient. Once a cross-section of the part is taken, an operator will place the sample on the machine and select the correct part number from pre-installed CAD drawings. The system will then compare the sample to the CAD drawing and display the dimensional reading in either green or red to indicate whether or not a dimension is within spec. Quality Engineers can quickly access and send customers measurement trends from saved statistical analysis on the Keyence System.

The Quality Department has started the implementation process by loading drawings and information for some of Lauren's most complex parts. While the installation and training process will take some time, two units are in place. In the near future a third system will be added to the R&D lab to help with molded parts and future growth.

For Lauren, the Keyence System is just one small step in staying competitive. Not only will it help with identifying quality issues and assist with the tooling process, but this new system will help Lauren compete with manufacturers in Korea and China, many of which already own this type of measurement equipment.

Mindy Lyon

Marketing Manager

Lauren Manufacturing

2228 Reiser Ave. S.E.

New Philadephia, OH



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