Technology from GE Providing New Radiation Detection Methods

GE Addresses Helium-3 Shortage with New Detector Technology Based on Boron-10

TWINSBURG, OHIO - GE's (NYSE: GE) announces an addition to its Reuter Stokes product line, a radiation detection solution using boron-10 (10B) to detect radiation in homeland security applications. Traditionally, sensors used for these applications have used helium-3 (3He) as their detection medium; however, the global supply of helium-3 is severely depleted. In response to the global helium-3 shortage, GE developed a replacement detector technology based on boron-10. These detectors are key components of radiation portal monitors used in a wide range of applications including screening at borders and ports, and GE is the only company to date to develop detectors having the accuracy of a helium-3 detector.

"Our early awareness of the helium-3 shortage allowed GE to take the appropriate steps to research, identify and develop boron-10 as a viable alternative," said Tom Anderson, leader-Reuter Stokes Measurement Solutions product line for GE Energy Services. "While detectors come in all shapes and sizes, it's the sensitivity and ability to accurately measure neutron radiation levels without false alarms that is most important. We developed sensors using boron-10 that fit that criteria."

GE is the largest manufacturer of helium-3 neutron detectors in the world. Since 9/11, GE has manufactured more than 40,000 helium-3 detectors, which support homeland security and nuclear safeguards programs worldwide. GE's new Boron-10 Neutron Detection Module will be deployed in place of, and potentially as a replacement for, helium-3 detectors that are currently deployed in radiation portal monitors.
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