Techniks Certified ER and TG Toolholders

Techniks ER and TG toolholders are certified to meet the highest standards for T.I.R., balance, and taper accuracy. Overall rigidity and T.I.R. is improved even more by Techniks special "Power Coat" nut, which holds 75% tighter than standard nuts. The combination of an extremely accurate tool holder body and the holding power of the Power Coat nut, provides improved cutting performance and extends the life of each cutting tool, yielding more parts-per-tool.

Each holder is individually balanced to 25,000 RPMs and custom balancing is available. T.I.R. measured from the inside of the collet pocket to the toolholder taper is just 0.0001". Tapers are ground to meet or exceed the AT3 specification for accuracy, so they makes optimum contact with the spindle mouth which minimizes wear on the holder, the spindle, and your ATC. Each toolholder is individually lab tested by Techniks and certified to meet these requirements. A full test report is included with each holder.

Techniks is a manufacturer of tool holders, collets, magnetic workholding and material handling products and accessories, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. To find your local distributor call Techniks at: 800 597-3921. See the full line of Techniks products at

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