TechGuard PoliWall Joins the Ranks of the Elite Few to Achieve Common Criteria EAL 4+ Validation

Stringent Testing Validates the Quality and Reliability of the TechGuard PoliWall Security Appliance

ST. LOUIS - TechGuard Security®, a provider of proven technologies and services that protect critical networks from cyber attack, today announced its high performance security appliance PoliWall® has been validated by the National Information Assurance Partnership and the NSA as Common Criteria EAL4 Augmented compliant. The rigor of the evaluation criteria is the highest level of achievement in testing security technology and is recognized world-wide as the most stringent measure of safety for enterprises and governments.

TechGuard has achieved Common Criteria EAL 4+ validation on the following TechGuard products:

o PoliWall M10 - 100 MB/s ingress and 10 MB/s egress throughput

o PoliWall M50 - 100 MB/s ingress and 50 MB/s egress throughput

o PoliWall G01 - 1 GB/s throughput bi-directional

o PoliWall G10 - Up to 10 GB/s throughput

Copper and fiber connectivity options available.

One of PoliWall's unique features is its ability to quickly reduce the attack surface as a countermeasure against "Advanced Persistent Threats" and malware egress broadcasting. IP ingress and egress access control is a key enabler of data integrity and secure communications for organizations that must comply with Patriot Act requirements that dictate the type of information that is sent to or received from particular countries. These organizations will find PoliWall's granular country and IP filtering (HIPPIE® filters) feature exceptional.

Evaluation at the Booz Allen Common Criteria test lab began as a result of advice provided during TechGuard's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Mentor-Protege relationship. Common Criteria is an international set of guidelines (ISO 15408) providing a common framework for evaluating security features and capabilities of Information Technology security protocols. EAL 4+ is a high assurance level that is recognized globally by all signatories under the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA).

The PoliWall appliance was researched and developed in part with assistance from the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP), the US Army, and the GSA 8a STARS program.

Key Facts/Highlights:

o PoliWall is a network security appliance that rapidly determines the
country of origin (category) for all incoming packets using HIPPIE®
(High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engine) technology.
Packets are filtered according to customer-defined policies, proprietary
Pre-Compiled Exception Lists (PCEL®s) and unique exceptions that are
bound to rule groups for specific network addresses and protocols.

o PoliWall provides administrators with the ability to easily define
unique geo-location policies by specifying one or more countries or IP
address ranges and customizing their workspace via an intuitive
graphical user interface.

o PoliWall offers simplified traffic management and configuration to stop
a Country with a Click® with virtually no network latency via its
proprietary HIPPIE filter.

o PoliWall REACT capability is a machine-to-machine interface, which uses
information from other security devices and takes action to block
offending hosts automatically.

o PoliWall appliances feature a streamlined user interface to simplify
management of inbound and outbound traffic authentication and access
control. All appliances are interoperable with firewalls, routers and
other existing network components.

o PoliWall supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing protocols to meet
current and future IT infrastructure requirements. The PoliWall
appliances offer full IPv6 address space management for rapid IP
filtering with granular and easy-to-use access control, that has been
tested, evaluated and is now ready to deploy as the available IPv4
address space disappears.

o PoliWall filters ingress and egress traffic uniquely as a key enabler of
secure communications and data integrity, which allows an organization
to monitor and document possible threats.

o PoliWall's bandwidth control provides unique throttling capabilities and
prioritization of network traffic based on IP address, range or country.
Its quality of service (QOS) capability preserves bandwidth for trusted
IP's, mitigating the risk of denial of service attacks.

Supporting Quotes:

o Suzanne Magee, CEO at TechGuard Security, said: "Our national security
depends on the protection of all critical infrastructures. As Advanced
Persistent Threats targeting critical networks are constantly evolving,
the PoliWall reduces the attack space, thus minimizing the risk of
unnecessary exposure to cyber threats. The plug-and-play nature of
PoliWall makes it easy to install for rapid integration. Through an
intuitive interface, the sophisticated technology of PoliWall enables
large government agencies, commercial enterprises, small businesses and
consumers to stringently control access to private information with a
few simple mouse clicks."

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o Twitter: @Poliwall

About TechGuard

TechGuard Security, founded in February 2000 in direct response to Presidential Decision Directive 63, provides trusted and innovative Critical Infrastructure Protection to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, federal agencies, and financial and healthcare clients. TechGuardians® research, develop, and rapidly prototype, cutting-edge security technologies, including the patent-pending PoliWall® with HIPPIE® security appliance; and provide expert consulting services to address network security concerns created by e-commerce initiatives, global Internet connections and cyber terrorism. TechGuard is a women-owned, SBA 8(a), small business enterprise. For additional information please visit

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