Tarping System Kits suit dump trucks and trailers.

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Ultimate 5 Spring aluminum automatic arm kits include cast aluminum spring pivots that enclose springs and protect them from elements. Kits have arm tubes manufactured with extruded aluminum and pivot assemblies that rotate on dual bearings for durability. Pull bar integrates groove for hem tube on tarp, preventing tarp from bunching at corners, while urethane bumpers keep tarp centered and optimize coverage of load. Kits are suited for applications up to 25 ft long.

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Pulltarps Mfg. Announces New Ultimate 5 Spring Enclosed Pivot Design for Automatic Arm Systems

The Pulltarps Ultimate 5 Spring aluminum automatic arm kits are a totally new line of arm tarping systems. The Ultimate 5 Spring pivots are cast aluminum that fully enclose the five springs to protect them from the elements. This pivot design is lighter, stronger and incorporates five springs for greater power. The arm tubes are extruded aluminum and all of the aluminum parts of this kit are Brite-Dipped for a great polished aluminum look. The Super Sleek 5 Spring arm kits are powerful enough for applications up to 25 feet long. Pulltarps Manufacturing announces an all new line of automatic arm tarping systems for dump trucks and trailers. The Ultimate 5 Spring aluminum automatic arm kits feature new streamlined 5 spring pivots that have an aluminum two piece enclosure to protect the springs. The 5 springs inside each pivot provide more closing power than conventional 4 spring designs. The pivot assemblies rotate on dual bearings for long life and smooth operation. The arm tubes are new too and made of extruded aluminum to save weight and add strength. The Ultimate 5 Spring aluminum automatic arm kits are Brite-Dipped for a great polished aluminum look that never dulls. This durable finish keeps the bright shine longer than polishing and does not require regular maintenance. Included in every kit is an extruded aluminum pull bar especially designed with a groove for the hem tube on the tarp that prevents the tarp from bunching at the corners and strengthens the pull bar for added durability. This extends the life of the tarp and makes it easy to convert existing Pulltarps pull out type systems to fully automatic electric arm systems. Urethane bumpers that slide on to the pull bar are provided to keep the tarp centered and provide better coverage of the load. Mr. Lynn Chenowth, Owner, Pulltarps Mfg. said "The Ultimate 5 Spring aluminum automatic arm kits have a modern streamlined look with a brilliant Brite-Dipped finish that lasts" "These arm kits not only look great but they are designed to be stronger and lighter than the competition." Since 1989 Pulltarps manufacturing has been providing high quality, reliable and cost effective truck tarp systems for the construction industry. We offer a full range of advanced tarping solutions for covering Dump Trucks and Dump Trailers. Our tarp systems are built to last and include Electric and Manual Arm Tarp Systems, Cable Tarp systems, and manual or electric Pulltarps. We use only quality tarp fabrics that include heavy duty mesh, vinyl and urethane coated vinyl for tarping hot asphalt. Pulltarps is a registered trade mark of Pulltarps Manufacturing, 1404 North Marshall Avenue, El Cajon CA, 92020. All rights reserved. For a free video and catalog on all Pulltarps products call (800) 368-3075 or visit us at www.pulltarps.com. www.pulltarps.com.

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