Tape Encryption System protects sensitive data.

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BrightStor Tape Encryption System streamlines tape encryption process, helping users minimize risk of unauthorized access to confidential information and fulfill compliance requirements. It encrypts and decrypts data created by any application as it is written to standard label z/OS tapes, regardless of originating program or tape hardware. It protects all z/OS application data and distributed data that has been moved to z/OS, encrypting it based on user-specified criteria.

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CA's New BrightStor Mainframe Tape Encryption Solution Streamlines Protection of Sensitive Data

Rules-Based Automation Helps Customers Reduce Risk and Fulfill Compliance Requirements with Less Effort

ISLANDIA, N.Y., May 15 / / -- CA (NYSE:CA) today announced a new mainframe encryption solution that streamlines management of the entire tape encryption process for all z/OS application data, making it easier for customers to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information and fulfill escalating compliance requirements.

BrightStor Tape Encryption encrypts and decrypts data created by any application as it is written to standard label z/OS tapes, regardless of the originating program or tape hardware -- without requiring any JCL or application changes. It can protect all z/OS application data and distributed data that has been moved to z/OS -- automatically encrypting it based on user- specified criteria. For increased performance and flexibility, BrightStor Tape Encryption exploits IBM's Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF) and the IBM cryptography hardware features incorporated on all the z/Series servers.

"Data encryption is an underutilized technology defense for protecting data and avoiding visible security breaches," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "By simplifying and automating encryption and key management for any confidential data going to z/OS tapes, CA is facilitating its customers' ability to establish this essential security practice into their automated backup processes."

Encryption minimizes the risk of unauthorized persons accessing sensitive data, and thus helps avoid identity theft, industrial espionage, and other security breaches that can have serious financial consequences for individuals and companies. It also helps organizations avoid the costs and harm to corporate reputation that occur when security breaches are disclosed to the public.

Twenty-three states in the United States, and other countries, have adopted laws requiring organizations to inform state residents when certain personal information has been exposed to unauthorized access. According to Gartner, the combination of large exposures and new regulations and industry initiatives is prompting many enterprises to turn to encryption to protect their data at rest.

In fact, Gartner projects that 85 percent of large enterprises will initiate encryption projects by the second quarter of 2006 in response to these regulations and industry initiatives.*

"We depend on removable tape as part of our disaster recovery plan, but it is vulnerable to loss or theft during transport," said Gerard Shockley, assistant director, technical services for Boston University. "CA's BrightStor Tape Encryption provides us with a simple, effective way to avoid the litigation, financial liability and damage to our company's reputation that could potentially result if we allowed sensitive information to be accessed by the wrong people."

BrightStor Tape Encryption integrates with BrightStor CA-1 Tape Management, BrightStor CA-Dynam/TLMS Tape Management and third-party tape management products to provide complete, automated tape data set (file) encryption throughout the data set's lifecycle. Its automated key management greatly simplifies the encryption process, eliminating manual tasks such as tape database synchronization and the purging of expired encryption keys.

"Because we handle personal information, it is essential for us to protect the data that we send off-site," said Ron Mitchell, data processing manager for Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. "We selected CA's BrightStor Tape Encryption solution because it is software-based, took only a day to implement, is easy to use and didn't require any coding changes -- all of which means we save time and money while safeguarding our data and meeting compliance requirements."

BrightStor Tape Encryption eliminates the need for proprietary hardware to be replicated in remote/satellite offices or at business partners. It transparently integrates with eTrust CA-ACF2, eTrust CA-Top Secret and IBM's RACF to control and document who has access to protected data and encryption technology, enhancing data security and compliance. It also integrates with BrightStor CA-Vtape to encrypt externalized tapes and BrightStor CA-Disk to provide backup tape support.

"Our customers need to safeguard sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and to comply with government mandates," said Anders Lofgren, senior vice president for product management and marketing at CA. "With BrightStor Tape Encryption, CA makes it easy for them to create 'virtual lockboxes' and transparently manage the keys that open them."

For data that resides on distributed systems, CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup provides encryption capabilities as part of the backup/restore process.

For more information on BrightStor Tape Encryption, please visit http://ca.com/storage/tape_encryption.

* Gartner: "Use the Three Laws of Encryption to Protect Data," Rich Mogull, August 24, 2005.

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