Tape Drive features built-in data encryption.

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Providing dual interlaced Triple DES data encryption, Q3i tape drive allows read capabilities for LTO 1, 2, and 3 media and write/encryption capabilities for LTO 2 and 3 media. It is available with SCSI LVD, SCSI HVD, iSCSI, or Fibre interface to allow connection and utilization on variety of host platforms. Featuring up to 800 GB compression capacity, unit splits data into 2 streams, each encrypted separately using 112-bit encryption.

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BOSaNOVA Announces New Tape Drive with Built-In Encryption

New Tape Drive Available With Encryption Capabilities to Protect Data at Rest

Phoenix, AZ - August 7, 2007 - BOSaNOVA, Inc., the market leader in development of Security Solutions, Thin Clients and Network Appliances today announced the launch of their newest security product, the Q3i, a secure tape drive with built-in encryption to protect stored data.

The Q3i tape drive is designed to offer strong security in an easy to integrate and operate unit allowing for read capabilities for LTO 1, 2, and 3 media and write/encryption capabilities for LTO 2 and 3 media. Installation takes only minutes and can be done in 3 steps. 1. Plug in the appliance. 2. Enter keys into easy to use GUI. 3. Start encrypting backups. It is so easy to setup, it overcomes the issue of sending data offsite unsecured. The customer can simply ship the Q3i with the encrypted back up tapes, and then send the soft keys by a separate method. This way there's no risk of data being compromised in transit to third party suppliers / customers.

The Q3i is available with SCSI LVD, SCSI HVD, iSCSI, or Fibre interface to allow connection and utilization on a wide variety of host platforms which includes all iSeries (AS/400) systems. It offers the greatest level of security by providing unique dual interlaced Triple DES data encryption. The data is split into two streams and each stream is encrypted separately using 112-bit encryption allowing for 2.69 x 1067 possible keys.

Highlights of the Q3i tape drive include:

Works with any host and backup software with appropriate interface
Unique dual interlaced Triple DES encryption
Optional hardware key for stronger protection
Easy installation that takes only minutes
No software changes required on Host
Up to 800 Gbytes compressed capacity
Key management is simple
Supports IPL from Tape

"The Q3i includes many features that set it apart from other tape drives. The most appealing features are its strong encryption and simplicity," says Martin Pladgeman, BOSaNOVA President. "Key management is simple, installation is easy and there's no software changes required on the host."

Like the Q3, this appliance can be used as part of a solution to encrypt existing tape archive.

"The purpose of a backup is for disaster recovery, so one should consider how difficult the recovery process will be, after all the last thing you should have to worry about during a disaster is how to get your data back," says BOSaNOVA President, Martin Pladgeman. "Beyond its simplicity, another feature to note on the Q3i is that since everything being read from the drive is being deciphered on the fly, you can restore the entire system without needing to have the host software loaded from a different source."

The Q3i is available for purchase immediately through BOSaNOVA's resellers. For sales information contact BOSaNOVA, Inc. toll-free at (866) 865-5250, or send e-mail to: [email protected]. Learn more about how to protect your data at rest, visit www.theQ3.com.

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