Tape Autoloader provides automated back-up tape solution.

Press Release Summary:

Using linear tape open (LTO) modular architecture, 3607 autoloader consists of 1 single drive tape with 16 cartridge slots in 2U, rack-mount package. Automated tape backup device supports Ultra2 LVD SCSI connections up to 80 MB/s as well as data storage capacities to 3.2 TB and 108 GB/hr backup rate in compressed mode. Offerings include Web Administration feature, barcode reader, and front-access slot for insertion/extraction of cartridges without interrupting operation.

Original Press Release:

IBM 3607 2 U Rackmount LTO Tape Autoloader - Provides High-Speed, Large-Capacity, Automated Back-up Tape Solutions


The new IBM 3607 LTO option autoloader provides a cost-effective solution for IBM eserver xSeries(TM) server customers looking for an efficient tape automation product. This single drive tape has 16 cartridge slots, and a price point that is hard to beat. The LTO tape drive will complement the xSeries server line.

The 3607 Series is a reliable 2 U rack-mount tape autoloader. This automated tape backup device supports Ultra2 low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI connections of up to 80 MB/s.

The single drive, 16-cartridge tape autoloader provides convenience and ease-of-use features, while supporting high-speed tape backup and capacities up to 3.2 TB³ of data storage in compressed mode.

Normally reserved for more expensive tape automation solutions, IBM is offering the following features as standard on their new 3607 LTO tape autoloader:

o A Web Administration feature enables remote diagnostics and autoloader operation.

o Barcode reader enhances automated media management.

oA front-access mail slot feature allows for quick insertion or extraction of cartridges without interrupting operation.

o The drive and power supply are in one removable field replaceable unit (FRU).

o 1/1 limited warranty: one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Key Prerequisites

o A dedicated Ultra2 or Ultra160 SCSI channel

o An IBM-supported rack

Planned Availability Date

April 18, 2003

At a Glance

Using a linear tape open (LTO) modular architecture, the IBM 3607 LTO tape autoloader brings performance, capacity, and high density to enterprise tape backup applications. Key features include:

o Reduced human interaction with automated backup process

o High-density form factors - Fits in industry-standard rack

o 15 MB/s native backup rate (54 GB/hr native; up to 108 GB/hr compressed1)

o Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) interface - Supports up to 80 MB/s

o Integrated barcode reader for improved media management

o Front access mail slot - Cartridges can be added or removed without powering down the unit

o Supported with leading operating systems and popular backup software

o One-year, parts and labor, limited warranty2

For technical support:

o Call IBM at 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378)


o Request technical information via the Personal Computing Division Web site: www.pc.ibm.com

1 Based on using onboard hardware data compression feature and assuming a 2:1 compression ratio. Data compression is dependent on many factors and is often less than stated.

2 For information on the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty, visit: http://www.ibm.com/servers/support/machine_warranties/
Alternatively, this information is also available by calling 800-772-2227 or contacting your IBM representative or reseller. Copies are available upon request.

3 When referring to tape drive capacity, GB stands for one thousand million bytes and TB stands for one trillion bytes. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environments.


IBM 3607 Series LTO Tape Autoloader

This 2 U high-density LTO tape unit is ideal for creating cost-effective automated tape backup solutions to satisfy moderate- to high-capacity data storage requirements. While primarily designed for high-end xSeries servers, it is also supported on entry- and mid-range products in these servers.

The 2 U 3607 Series LTO tape devices can be connected to various integrated Ultra2 or Ultra160 controllers, or an Ultra160 adapter, that support 80 MB/s data transfers over an LVD SCSI bus. Inside, a single drive and electronic control circuitry support data transfers of 54 GB/hr. This decreases system time allotted to backups, and frees up system and IT resources.

It features an eight-channel read-while-write function that speeds the operation of the drive and virtually assures data integrity.

The high-density, LTO autoloading unit supports up to 1.6 TB of native data storage and up to 3.2 TB compressed data storage. It contains 16 cartridge slots.

Packaged in a 2 U mechanical enclosure, the 3607 Series LTO tape autoloader provides convenience and ease-of-use features:

o Barcode reader - Easy management of tapes via software control

o Improved cartridge load mechanism -Helps eliminate dropped leader problems

o Integrated remote management tools

o SCSI interface

o Modular architecture

o 1/1 limited warranty2

2 U LTO Tape Autoloader

Standard configuration supports the following:

o Data storage:

- 1.6 TB native
- 3.2 TB compressed

o Backup rates up to:

- 15 MB/s native - 54 GB/hr
- 30 MB/s compressed - 108 GB/hr

o Remote management card - Enables remote management and diagnostics from a Web browser

o Direct plug to 10/100 BaseT network

o Remote library management

o Simple, intuitive control

o Error status

o Diagnostics

o Firmware downloads

Trial Software

To get you started quickly, a trial version of popular tape backup software is included with the 3607 Series LTO autoloader. Included are:

o Veritas Backup Exec for NT/WIN2K (GA-s30 days)
o Veritas Backup Exec for NW 4.x and 5.x (GA+30 days)
o Computer Associates ArcserveIT 2000 for Win2K
o Computer Associates ArcServeIT for Linux (Red Hat and SuSE)

Product Positioning

This 3607 Series LTO automated tape product joins the current SDLT/LTO tape drive family to create a complete family of tape backup solutions.

These LTO tape products provide a breadth of performance and capacity solutions to satisfy your high-end xSeries server tape backup requirements. These LTO tape drives are also positioned above the 3502-108 DLT Autoloader and the 3502-314/R14 DLT Library in terms of speed and capacity.


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