Tap Dispenser fits on work benches and storage shelves.

Press Release Summary:

Dispenser holds and organizes National Pipe Thread Taps (NPT) in sizes from 1/16 up to 2 in. Three drawer dispenser provides 29 compartments with ID labels for each tap size. Cabinet measures 14-5/8 in. wide x 7-3/8 in. deep, and 7-3/4 in. tall. Fabricated from CRCQ steel, it is suitable for use in industrial environments.

Original Press Release:

Find Taps Fast With New Huot Dispenser

A new Huot Dispenser holds and organizes all sizes of National Pipe Thread Taps (NPT) from 1/16" up to 2". The three drawer dispenser provides 29 compartments with ID labels for each of the tap sizes. Each label is readily visible on the outside of the drawer so finding taps is easy. Simply locate the label, open the drawer, and there is the tap.

With the Huot NPT Tap Dispenser, users don't waste time any more looking for the right size tap. Instead of laying loose in a bench drawer or on top of a work table, valuable taps are protected in the dispenser compartments from damage, nicks, and marring to extend their useful tool life. The cabinet's convenient size of 14-5/8" wide, 7-3/8" deep, and 7-3/4" tall easily fits onto any work bench, storage shelf at a work station, or tool crib.

The Huot Tap Dispenser has been specially fabricated from CRCQ steel for use in industrial environments. To further enhance the premium quality of its rugged steel exterior, the dispenser receives phosphate pretreatment with a tough powder coat finish.
Weighing 10-1/4 pounds, this durable dispenser provides many years of easy organization and protection for National Pipe Thread Taps.

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