Tantalum Capacitors minimize failure rate in power supplies.

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Available in voltages ranging from 6.3-50 V, TRJ Professional Series include standard and low ESR models with capacitance values from 0.1-470 µF. Low ESR units are suitable for filtering in power supplies that are used in long life expectancy applications, including industrial, automotive, civil aerospace, and medical. Offered in EIA standard A, B, C, D, and E case sizes, capacitors feature reliability of 0.5%/1,000 hr.

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Low ESR Enhanced Reliability Tantalum Capacitors from AVX Minimize Failure Rates in Long Life Professional Power Supplies

Today, the commercial power supply market is acutely aware of the need to minimize failure rates as more of their products are being designed into high-end systems. This has led to an increased demand for different levels of enhanced-reliability, low ESR capacitors. In response, AVX has introduced a new range of product within its TRJ professional series tantalum chip which delivers significantly lower ESR while achieving reliability levels twice that of standard tantalum devices.

The launch program is part of AVX's continuous improvement policy and also the direct result of customer feedback. 124 new devices are now available in the professional TRJ series with maximum ESR reduced to levels previously only available in specialty low ESR TPS series devices. This enables designers of power supplies for use in long life expectancy applications - industrial, automotive, civil aerospace, medical etc. - to use tantalum capacitors with the combined benefits of enhanced reliability (0.5%/1000hrs) and low ESR.

AVX developed its TRJ tantalum professional capacitor series for use in demanding environments that call for higher performance under electrical and mechanical stress, and technical improvements were made to strengthen the structure of capacitor and make it more robust in such environments.

There are several key differences between standard reliability TAJ / TPS and TRJ products:
o Well-tried tantalum powders are used to ensure the long-term stability of electrical performance.
o Conservative design rules are followed both in design and manufacturing. Very strict quality controls limits are applied and additional testing is performed. 100% hard surge current screening, extended electrical testing and accelerated burn-in process are used to achieve and verify the high robustness of the parts.
o Leakage current is reduced to 75% that of standard tantalum specifications.

Low ESR TRJ capacitors are especially suitable for filtering in power supply applications where they can significantly contribute to smoother filtering performance and long-term stability. They can help reduce equipment size, help deliver a higher power output within a given instrument size, and contribute to reducing costs by using fewer capacitors in a parallel configuration.

Standard and low ESR TRJ capacitors are available in EIA standard A, B, C, D and E case sizes in voltages ranging from 6.3 to 50V and capacitance values from 0.1 - 470µF. The 6.3V, 10V and 25V rated voltage parts target the most popular output voltages of DC/DC converters and battery applications (3.3, 5 and 12V).

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