Tank Cleaning Systems feature compact, modular design.

Press Release Summary:

Model MTC-HC50 tank cleaning systems combine high-capacity filtration, fuel conditioning, and water separation. Offering adjustable flow rate of 25-100 gpm, they are able to remove water and sludge and are designed to process and transfer fuels containing solids of up to ¼ in. Units can fit in pick-up truck or utility trailer.

Original Press Release:

AXI Introduces a New Line of Innovative, High Capacity Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems

Algae-X International (AXI) has released another new and unique line of High Capacity Modular, Fully Automated Mobile Tank Cleaning & Fuel Restoration Systems. MTC-HC50 systems excel in combining High Capacity Filtration, Fuel Conditioning and Water Separation with Compact Modular Design and Low Operating Costs.

Given current oil prices, cleaning tanks while restoring fuel to its "Bright & Clear" Pristine Condition is much more cost effective than traditional methods of replacing fuel and manually cleaning tanks. The Algae-X tank cleaning approach has proven to create an economically very attractive, NEW INCOME STREAM for major engine & generator distributors, tank service and cleaning companies, fuel resellers and many others.

MTC-HC50 systems have an adjustable Flow Rate of 25 - 100 Gallons per Minute, while they still easily fit in a pick-up truck or utility trailer. The compact design and high capacity fuel processing capabilities make these systems unique in the industry.

They remove water and sludge, and are designed to process and transfer fuels containing solids of up to ¼ inch. The HC50 is available with various options such as flow meters, sample ports, automation and remote pendant ON/OFF control.

Algae-X International (AXI) designs, engineers and manufactures automated, programmable fuel filtration and tank cleaning equipment, now available in over 40 countries around the globe.

Please contact us for higher flow rate and custom engineered systems built to your specifications.

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