Tamper-Resistant Tag Readers address hospital patient safety.

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Part of distributed sensor-network system that utilizes intelligent Real Time Location System tags for continuous communication, RTLS Plug-In Readers are placed throughout hospital to report location, status, contextual awareness, and environmental conditions regarding medical devices and people. Tamper-resistant readers feature shutter system that prevents patients from inserting objects into slots containing energized contacts, complying with NEC safety standards.

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TeleTracking's RadarFind Responds to Hospital Engineering Challenges

Real time locating system offers tamper-resistant reader, application-specific tags

MORRISVILLE, N.C., -- RadarFind, a subsidiary of TeleTracking Technologies, has developed a tamper-resistant version of its real time locating system's (RTLS) plug-in readers to further address hospital patient safety needs.

Developed at the request of hospital clients, the tamper-resistant reader features a shutter system that prevents patients from inserting paper clips, pins and similar objects into the slots containing the energized contacts. The product enhancement fully complies with National Electrical Code (NEC) safety standards applicable to tamper-resistant receptacles and patient care areas; many states commonly adopt NEC standards as law. When the RadarFind system is fully deployed throughout a hospital facility, these devices are typically used in high-risk areas where there may be limited supervision such as pediatric units, alcoholism and substance abuse units, psychiatric units, exam rooms and waiting areas.

RadarFind's enhanced plug-in readers are part of a distributed sensor-network based system where intelligent RTLS tags continuously communicate with readers placed throughout a hospital facility to report location, status, contextual awareness and environmental conditions regarding medical devices and people. Their pass-through design accommodates most electrical outlets, yet preserves electrical sockets for use by other medical equipment. RadarFind offers hospitals their choice of electrical socket colors to match existing outlets, including red receptacles to indicate outlets that are powered by back-up generators in the event of an electrical power outage.

"RadarFind was originally designed based on the results of qualitative research conducted with nearly 60 hospitals. Our healthcare-focused RTLS extends beyond specialized location and status tags, telemetry device tags and temperature-monitoring tags to now include a tamper-resistant plug-in reader," said Steve Jackson, chief technology officer for RadarFind. "We will continue to apply our engineering expertise and support our hospital partners by providing real-time locating solutions that meet their challenging needs."

Development of the tamper-resistant reader is a testament to RadarFind's commitment to delivering a wide range of tracking technology solutions uniquely designed for hospitals. Additional custom applications include miniature asset tags and tag brackets designed to fit small, portable cardiac telemetry devices and a NIST-traceable temperature sensor tag that is certified to be water and dustproof.

The RadarFind real time location system (RTLS) leverages patented technology and an array of intelligent sensors to achieve room-level accuracy. The system operates wirelessly via a frequency ideally suited for accurately tracking assets and people without compromising a hospital's WiFi network. The system can be installed while patients are in the room and can easily scale to accommodate thousands of tags across multiple hospital facilities. RadarFind also communicates information on a tagged item's status to show whether it is in-use, available or needs cleaning. Future contextual status indicators will include humidity and barometric pressure.

The company recently announced plans to install their RTLS across five hospitals that are part of Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, a 24-facility system jointly owned by Methodist Healthcare Ministries and Hospital Corporation of America.

About RadarFind

RadarFind's Real Time Location System uses an innovative wireless sensor network platform for tracking medical equipment and patients that is highly accurate, yet non-disruptive to hospital operations. RadarFind is the only real time wireless sensor network developed by former doctors, nurses and hospital administrators specifically for the healthcare environment. RadarFind Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. For more information, please visit www.teletracking.com and www.radarfind.com.

About TeleTracking

TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. is the world-leading producer of automated solutions that relieve hospital overcrowding by improving patient flow. TeleTracking currently has nearly 800 clients in the U.S., UK and Canada with over 1,700 installed solutions. The Pittsburgh firm, which launched the automated patient flow industry in 1991, recently was named KLAS Patient Flow Category Leader for the third straight year.

Web Site: www.teletracking.com/

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